Dishonored 2 Sequel, Death of a Outsider, Has Been Released

Dishonored 2 Sequel, Death of a Outsider, Has Been Released

Dishonored: Death of a Outsider, action-adventure secrecy diversion and approach supplement to Dishonored 2, has only launched from Dishonored array developer Arkane Studios. Rather than recover story enlargement DLC in a months following Dishonored 2‘s announcement in Nov of 2016, Arkane Studios and publisher Bethesda have opted to instead emanate a smaller-scale though apart diversion in a form of Death of a Outsider. The newest section in a Dishonored star landed on Sep 15th, and Arkane preceded the game’s recover with an informational post to Bethesda’s news blog and a launch trailer, that we can watch below:

The video was accompanied by Arkane’s summary for a game, that takes place roughly dual months after a finish of Dishonored 2 and follows array maestro and fan-favorite impression Billie Lurk as Death of a Outsider‘s protagonist.

In her bid to absolved a universe of a Outsider – a puzzling divine figure appearing over a Dishonored games – Billie has some of a coolest powers, weapons and gadgets we’ve ever designed. And a missions she embarks on will take we low into Karnaca, sport for Billie’s aged mentor, a underworld fable Daud, afterwards over Karnaca to a blackest reaches of a Void. For those of we who adore a series, we wish you’re desirous to revisit a Dishonored array and try The Empire of a Isles once some-more heading adult to a recover of Death of a Outsider. But if you’re new to this series, Dishonored is all about ultra-powerful abnormal assassins navigating a corrupt, ebbing steampunk empire, and Death of a Outsider is a standalone journey that’s a ideal entrance indicate even if you’ve never played a prior Dishonored game.

Arkane also gave impending players a glance of what gameplay will be like, describing Billie’s abilities – which, distinct prior protagonists Emily and Corvo, will not be subsequent from a symbol of a Outsider. Instead, Billie’s powers come from artifacts of a Void. On a apart blog post, Bethesda listed a few pivotal abilities that players can take advantage of. You can check out a powers and other in-game gadgets in a rudimentary gameplay video below:

Dishonored: Death of a Outsider is accessible now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


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