Dishonored 2 Gets Update 5, Removes The Annoying FPS Stutters …

Arkane Studios has expelled a new patch for Dishonored 2. After some time, it seems like they have finally bound a framerate stutters players had. we remember large of reports per that emanate and nonetheless there was no repair until now. Dishonored 2 Game Update 5 is sincerely greeted by a fans, explaining it was about time.

Lots of players had some fps dump issues, creation a diversion intolerable to play. Thanks to this latest Game Update 5 that should be distant from gone, including some additional fixes that are deployed within. It seems like Arkane Studios and Bethesda has also bound Dishonored 2’s UI Crashes including a Alt-Tab bug on Windows 10.

Below we can find a full Update 5 changelog:

In sequence to squeeze a refurbish all we need to do is restart Steam.

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