Dishonored 2 Digital Funko Pop!s Available on Quidd | Hardcore …

Huge fans of a Dishonored array can now collect digital versions of sum regulating Quidd. The group adult between Funko, Quidd, and Bethesda creates all this possible. Now, we can find a few opposite characters from a diversion on a app to consolidate as partial of your set!

You won’t be means to use any teleport, consolidate a rat, or have any other cold powers. But, removing your hands on a digital Pop! is still only as fun. There are 5 in sum to find. The Outsider, Emily Kaldwin, Corvo Attano, Masked Emily and Masked Corvo have been released. Hopefully we are propitious adequate to collect one up, differently you’ll have to strike adult a trade section.

Download Quidd from a Google Play Store or iTunes to get started. They are formed on Dishonored 2 though during slightest some seem in a initial game. They might only be digitalized versions of a toys though it’s still value fighting for!

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