Dishonored 2 Death of a Outsider’s Hook Mines demeanour very, really …

Dishonored 2’s Death of a Outsider enlargement could’ve focused on Whaler captain Daud, though a preference to instead go with dependent Billie Lurk seems like a good one. Her arsenal of ultra-cool abilities and high tech weaponry has tender so far—and Bethesda has now launched a “Powers, Gadgets and Gear” trailer that hones in on what Lurk brings to battle.

Expect Void Strikes, m�lange stabbings, her possess spin on a game’s signature Blink ability, and Hook Mines, among other things. As a title above substantially suggests, a latter are my favourite.

Game executive Harvey Smith reckons Hook Mines are designed to be non-lethal, however can be used in certain really deadly manner. Here’s Bethesda, as per this blog post

“Place this on a wall or building or ceiling, and it’ll lift an rivalry to it. The Hook Mine can be used non-lethally to overpower a chairman or censor an comatose body. But if we place adequate Hook Mines in an area, you’ll eviscerate anyone held in a competing captivating forces.” 

Smith adds in a footage above: “It can be utterly gory. It’s one of a favorite toys opposite a Dishonored games.”

After chatting with Dinga Bakaba and Christophe Carrier during Gamescom, we had a possibility to go hands-on with Death of a Outsider. At a time, we didn’t realize Hook Mines could be used to rip my enemies apart, however did revelry in planting traps on rooftops and balconies, luring foes into their captivating lift radius, and examination them fire skyward—knocking themselves comatose en route, in something that echoed The Phantom Pain’s Fulton system.   

Much like a forerunners, Death of a Outsider weighs heavily on this arrange of particular mix-and-matching, and I’m now looking brazen to throwing fatal mines into that mix. Dishonored 2’s Death of a Outsider DLC is due Sep 15, however we can review Ian Birmbaum’s early impressions here.  

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