Dishonored 2: Death of a Outsider trailer re-introduces Billie Lurk …

Billie Lurk has played a distinguished purpose via a mythos of Dishonored: She was benefaction during a assassination of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, aided Daud via a Knife of Dunwall expansion, and even gets some work in Dishonored 2. For that game’s expansion, a arriving Death of a Outsider, she finally becomes a star, and so suitably Bethesda has put out a new teaser divulgence some-more about who she is and what she brings to a table. 

Spoilers ahead—Billie could utterly simply finish adult passed during a finish of Knife of Dunwall, though in a Dishonored criterion she slips divided to start a new, presumably quieter life. Obviously that doesn’t go utterly as planned, and she ends adult rejoining her mentor-turned-adversary Daud for one final job. 

“When we find her in Death of a Outsider she’s arrange of removing it behind together. She’s anticipating purpose in her life again, and she’s holding action,” Arkane artistic executive Harvey Smith says in a video. “She’s going to change things for a better.”

In Death of a Outsider, Billie wields powers and gadgets that haven’t formerly been seen, including a Sliver of a Eye, a arrange of abnormal monocle that presumably gives her special visible abilities. (It might also be a cold callback to a malignant gem in Thief: The Dark Project called The Eye, nonetheless that’s particularly conjecture on my part.) Her arm is done of chunks of a Void—I’m certain that’s an engaging story all by itself—and she packs a “Voltaic Gun,” a arrange of electrified wrist-bow. 

Dishonored 2: Death of a Outsider comes out on Sep 15.   

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