Dishonored 2 impression guide: how to select between Emily and Corvo

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If you’re about to play Dishonored 2, be warned. It’s flattering good (except for some opening issues), though it throws we one terrible preference right off a bat. You have to select from one of dual opposite characters to play by a whole diversion with, Corvo or Emily. Horrifying, we know. If you’re like me and we can frequency select that damn burger to sequence from a lorry stop cafeteria menu, afterwards this will be one of a many formidable decisions of your life. No worries, we can assistance we commit. 

Both characters are able of ghosting a whole diversion or ruthlessly murdering everybody in their path—it’s not like Emily is The Stealth Character and Corvo is The Maniac. They’re usually dual opposite articulate toolboxes with a few inherently opposite ways they demonstrate assertive or wordless play. Let’s mangle it down.

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