Dignitas Pulls Out of Overwatch, Marking a Sixth Team This Month

More bad news for Overwatch fans – Team Dignitas has also motionless to lift a plug on their Overwatch efforts, releasing their register of Marcel ‘Veinless’ Lehmann, Elvinas ‘Evokje’ Padegimas, Patrick ‘Wat7’ Marwal, Jose Antonio ‘BromaS’ Ramos Gonzales, Joshua, ‘ToxikeN’ Campos and Jiri ‘LiNkz’ Masalin.

The Dignitas patrol was slumping for some time yet seems to have been creation a quip as of late with a third place finish during a Overwatch PIT Championship. As a result, they were deliberate one of a improved teams in a EU Overwatch scene. 

This outlines a sixth classification to sale their Overwatch patrol in a past dual weeks. TSM, Splyce, Denial Esports, CompLexity, and Red Reserve have all pulled out of the Overwatch scene as well. Some organizations, like TSM, have cited a high cost of entrance to the Overwatch League as a reason, with some reports suggesting numbers as high as $20 million for a slot, yet Blizzard suggests that these reports competence have been done to ESPN to give certain parties some-more negotiate power. Others, such as Splyce, have forked out a graphic miss of Overwatch events (outside of a occasional monthly online event), generally given DreamHack claiming that it’s not financially viable. 

And there are reports of some-more organizations on a approach out. According to a report from Over.gg, Fnatic and Luminosity are both set to release Overwatch squads in a entrance days. Luminosity, who was ancillary dual teams, will reportedly usually let go of European patrol Luminosity Loyal.

While Dignitas pronounced that they are “still committed to a diversion of Overwatch” and that they “remain optimistic about a long-term event it presents for teams,” it is rather peculiar (and substantially not a good sign) that all of these teams are being expelled forward of a Overwatch League.

With all of these giveaway agents floating around, it certain does demeanour like a breeze for a League is what could be on a cards. Even with Blizzard denying that rosters would be damaged adult so one could take place. It’s critical to note accurately what Nanzer pronounced during that Korean press conference:

“The group owners will have a rights to their roster. We will do a best to forestall cases where existent teams would mangle adult for a Overwatch League.”

They might not have to do many if teams keep vouchsafing their rosters go. At this point, it’s commencement to demeanour like usually a many successful Overwatch organizations are gripping their teams, and a rest could be fought over as Overwatch League owners manoeuvre for position to pointer a best players. That could be by design, as a Overwatch League site states:

“Proven stars and leaderboard heroes will arrange in one tellurian talent pool. Teams afterwards scheme to pointer a best players and build stout rosters for a deteriorate ahead.”

There are still some events for Overwatch esports fans to be vehement for, generally if you’re a fan of Asian Overwatch teams. Apex Season 3, a Overwatch Premier Series and Overwatch Team Story are all ongoing right now. There are also a few (but distant fewer) Overwatch events entrance adult in a west: a final Alienware Monthly Melee will take place from May 20-21, Rivalcade’s Overwatch Rumble will run one week after on May 27-28, and a Overwatch TaKeOver 2 will run from Jun 1-4. 

Otherwise, we all wait with bated exhale for some-more Overwatch League information – generally a pros in a stage that are left but teams.

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