Deus Ex Developer Eidos Montreal Almost Made A Final Fantasy …

A new video from YouTube channel Super Bunnyhop (aka attention publisher George Weirdman) suggests that Deus Ex developer Eidos Montreal during one indicate was operative on a Final Fantasy game.

Accoridng to Weidman, following a launch of a critically acclaimed and desired Deus Ex: Human Revolution in 2011, one of a studio’s producers grown a new RPG judgment that was heavily-inspired by Final Fantasy. However, after parent-company, Square Enix gave a plan a blessing, a plan incited simply into a Final Fantasy game.

Weidman says that talks for it to be a subsequent mainline entrance in a array came after doubt crept in about a publisher’s inner Japanese Studio, that shipped Final Fantasy XIII to intermediate reviews and Final Fantasy XIV, that suffered a bad initial launch.

Given that it was potentially going to be a initial western Final Fantasy game, a plan during a time became famous as Project W.

Come 2012, a studio flew member out to Japan to representation a plan to a house of former Final Fantasy directors. Their representation for Project W was that of a sci-fi space show with a visible pattern identical to fractals. Further, there was high-tech engine able of digest seamless interplanetary take-offs and landings.

As for a story, it centered around a favourite on a tour around a universe to find a adore seductiveness named Nova, usually to be derailed by a adore triangle with a mercenary.

Sounds neat, right? Well, Square Enix didn’t consider so. It soon got rejected. Upon rejection, a plan continued prolongation as a possess IP, now underneath a codename Project Nova. However, a plan suffered a soothing termination come mid-2013 when it couldn’t find any publishers, such as Sony or Microsoft who apparently upheld on a plan given of a risk involved.

As we might know, Eidos Montreal went on to rise Thief and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, as good as support in a growth of Rise of a Tomb Raider. Currently, it is operative on Shadow of a Tomb Raider, that is staid to recover after this year, as good as co-developing an untitled Avengers game.


Interestingly, a latest Final Fantasy entry, Final Fantasy XV, has given strike (2016). Whether Eidos Montreal’s diversion would have been Final Fantasy XV or XVI, isn’t clear.

For some-more information, insight, and context on Project W, be certain to check out Weidman’s video (linked above) in a 10-minute entirety.

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