Death Stranding’s Cast Most Likely Includes Metal Gear Solid 5’s Stefanie Joosten

We’ve been means to learn a lot of new details about Death Stranding recently, and we even got a brand new trailer for a diversion during Tokyo Game Show. But while a extraordinary opening of Troy Baker and a coming of that overwhelming looking dog-boss thingie are clearly a many apparent articulate points of that trailer, several people have forked to something else in it that points to a probability of Stefanie Joosten (who played Quiet in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain) have a purpose in Kojima’s arriving game.

In a trailer, we can see Sam, Norman Reedus’ character, carrying someone on his behind again (similar to the E3 2018 trailer), solely this time, we get to see that chairman some-more clearly. The lady is wearing a hood, yet some-more importantly, we can see a Dutch dwindle on her fit as well. Given a fact that Joosten hails from a Netherlands, and a fact that she’s been linked with Death Stranding several times in progressing reports and rumoursand the fact that Kojima seems to be gravitating toward working with people he’s worked with in a past for his arriving game, a tie here is flattering easy to make.

As if that weren’t enough, though, a twitter from Joosten’s handling group flattering most confirms that she will be personification a purpose in a game. You can take a demeanour during it below.

It’s expected that this information will be strictly announced soon. Death Stranding is set to recover for a PS4, yet we have no thought about what it’s recover date competence be (though Kojima seems to have a flattering petrify idea).

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