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If there is one thing Hideo Kojima is good at, it is stealing people meditative after unveiling his games’ trailers. The recover of any mind-blowing trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain sent a internet into a frenzy, with fans clamoring to learn any arrange of spirit or idea as to a tract of a game. Multiple theories arose from a inspection of a handful of trailers. A few of them even incited out to be true, including a really argumentative finale reveal. So, it seems usually judicious that people would excavate into a trailers for Death Stranding.

After a exhibit of Kojima’s newest plan during E3, fans were discerning to learn a integrate of dark clues about a plot. embedded in Norman Reedus’ character’s dogtags are dual production equations. The first, a Dirac equation, that in further to explaining a quantum automechanic of electrons, suggests a existence of antimatter. The second is a Schwarzchild radius: a radius during that a star becomes a black hole.


These equations stealing in plain steer have led many fans, myself included, to trust that Death Stranding involves inter-dimensional travel; a participation of deity-like beings and handprints materializing out of skinny atmosphere could also be revealing of that. Whether this is loyal stays to be reliable by Kojima himself. However, as forked out earlier, he mostly lets his some-more mindful fans in on a tip around his trailers.

One particularly mindful unknown user on image-hosting site imgur has done an engaging find after saying Kojima’s latest trailer for Death Stranding during final Thursday night’s Game Awards. Within a trailer, he found many visible similarities between Kojima’s newest pretension and Metal Gear Solid. Possible spoilers for Metal Gear Solid wait below, cruise yourself warned!


The initial idea is a participation of a prolonged injure opposite Guillermo del Toro’s forehead. As Metal Gear Solid fans are aware, Venom Snake underwent facial reformation medicine in sequence to resemble Big Boss. However, a popular theory suggested that Big Boss had undergone a conduct transplant. The doctor given to Venom during his coma was modeled accurately after a real-life alloy named Sergio Canavero. Now, we see a impression that has undergone some arrange of cranial procedure. This might seem as a amiable fluke during first, though things get weirder.

del Toro's encapsulated baby, and Solidus share one facial underline in particular.
del Toro’s encapsulated baby and Solidus share one facial underline in particular.

There seem to be a crowd of parallels between a second Death Stranding trailer and Solidus Snake, a iconic knave of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Both seem with usually one eye visible; a right eye, to be specific.

b6vkttjAdditionally, we see Mads Mikkelsen’s impression connected to a patrol of soldiers by what looks like some arrange of wire (or metaphorical umbilical cord, what with a concentration on infants in both trailers). Solidus, during his quarrel with Raiden during a finish of MGS2, wore a fit with dual wires extending from a front.

Drawing another connection, this time to Solidus’ father, Big Boss, Mikkelsen’s impression is seen stealing his visor in a shot identical to a opening stage of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

Many other smaller easter eggs and clues are found by a imgur user. The pin on del Toro’s coupler depicts a web covering a continental United States, with a core of a web being in New York. Big Boss, during a finish of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, is suggested to have left to New York City. Norman Reedus, in a trailer for Silent Hills is shown walking by Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan.  Zero, owner of a Patriots alongside Big Boss, had a hiding spot in Hell’s Kitchen.

Big Boss and Mads stealing their visors.

Kojima, who is famous to cut whole trailers by himself, could be doing one of dual things. He could be merely profitable loyalty to a authorization stolen from him by Konami. Or, Kojima could be perplexing to spirit during a square of a nonplus that is a story of Death Stranding. Infants are clearly pivotal to a plot. That most is done transparent by both a babies seen in trailers #1 and #2 and a umbilical-cord like wires extending from Mads. Additionally, Reedus’ impression in trailer #1 is seen with what looks like a Cesarean-section scar, that is strangely benefaction on a doll in trailer #2.

Like Metal Gear Solid V before to a release, a infancy of a tract is comparatively unclear. Many questions sojourn unanswered, and if Kojima’s lane record is anything to uncover for it, we will not know most during all until we get to excavate into a diversion ourselves.

That said, no recover date is now famous for Death Stranding, though a gameplay exhibit during E3 2017 seems possible. Even though Kojima Productions has only kicked things off progressing this year, it seems growth on Death Stranding is relocating along nicely.



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