Death Stranding Trailer Confirmed Stefanie Joosten, And No One Picked Up On It

Stefanie Joosten, a Dutch indication who played Quite in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, was personally reliable in a new Death Stranding trailer. But interestingly, no one picked adult on it other than a few.

In a footage, we saw Norman Reedus carrying a lady on his behind and while many abandoned her, if we stop a video during only a right time (0:13), we can see her face.

The lady is wrapped in a brew between a trek and a physique bag, and if we demeanour closely there is a Dutch dwindle only underneath her chin, on a bag. If we don’t know, Joosten is a Dutch indication and a engine this diversion is regulating is also combined by a Dutch studio, Guerilla Games.

Joosten denied her impasse in Death Stranding for a longest time though now, it would be interestingly to see how she reject this one. While partial of a amicable media has picked adult on this, both Stefanie Joosten and Kojima Productions have remained silent.

The trailer highlights Troy Baker, a male in a Golden Mask. Troy’s exhibit was a categorical concentration of a footage while Joosten was smartly dark in plain steer for fans to find.

Apart from Joosten and Baker, there isn’t many to speak about. But we did see a Bloodborne-esque beast that indicates how some elements of a diversion could be desirous by From Software, especially, in a fight department.

Death Stranding will now appear during a Video Game Awards 2018 where we are now awaiting Joosten to be entirely suggested as partial of a game. Hopefully, a recover date will also be announced during that time.

If we are to speculate, a diversion will substantially recover by a finish of subsequent year on PS4 and PS4 Pro. And it will be many positively be a cross-gen pretension so a PS5 chronicle isn’t out of a question.

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