Death Stranding Prototype, Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis, Sonic Forces, Half-Life and some-more in Unreal Engine 4

It’s a weekend and as we might have guessed, we have countless fan projects/remakes in Unreal Engine 4. Below we can find some fan recreations of Death Stranding, Half Life and Warhammer 40K City of Death, as good as the 3D indication from Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis being ported to Epic’s engine and a Sonic Forces indication pack.

Let’s start with a Death Stranding Prototype remake. Created by ‘CJ Wang’, this plan tries to replicate what Hideo Kojima showcased in a game’s latest trailer. It’s distant from perfect, however it can give we an thought of what an indie/small-budget initial diversion like that could have looked like in Unreal Engine 4.

Then we have a Half Life fan reconstitute in Unreal Engine 4. This plan is being combined by SilverTM (and a group of gamers) and next we can find a latest screenshots from it. According to a creators, a whole simple geometry of a levels is totally ready.

Polycount’s ‘BootScoot‘ has also common some screenshots from his reconstitute of Warhammer 40K City of Death in Unreal Engine 4.

Last though not least, we have a Sonic Forces indication container for Unreal Engine 4 that is accessible for download from here, as good as Noctis from Final Fantasy XV being ported to Unreal Engine 4.

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