Dead Island and Metal Gear Solid hit in effective trailer mashup

MGSV: The Phantom Pain Spoilers ahead!!

Dead Island and Metal Gear Solid V walked identical paths. With trailers removing people all vehement before a final products drew gainsay for feeling unprepared (albeit for utterly opposite reasons), so it seems good that mashing a dual together in trailer form only feels right.

The trailer, combined by tvdl, sees a events of The Phantom Pain’s finale played out in retreat as a saddening piano balance from Dead Island’s barbarous exhibit trailer plays out. If we remember (which I’m certain we do), that Dead Island trailer also ran in reverse, with a zombified child going behind adult from a building and into a hotel window above, eventually divulgence how she finished adult branch in what was an emotionally charged trailer. Here’s what a strange trailer looked like. Hard to trust this was 6 years ago already.

Sadly, a diversion incited out to be something distant reduction engaging, if still an beguiling commune zombie pound ‘em up. The Phantom Pain also unsuccessful to live adult to a hopes of many, as a second half of a game, and a successive turn finale left fans cold, speculating either a ongoing troubles between Konami and Kojima contributed to a game’s sudden end, or if it was one of Kojima’s well-documented parables about a growth process. A final word on a authorization that done his name.

Dead Island developer Techland also separate from a authorization that put it on a map, a happy outcome of that depart was a rather good Dying Light, so here’s anticipating Hideo can follow fit and wow us all over again with Death Stranding when it finally arrives on PS4.

Why we Can’t Go With You, Metal Gear

Now with Metal Gear out of Kojima’s hands, and now sadly shuffling onto Dead Island’s turf, this trailer brew seems utterly apt, and proves that a Dead Island trailer song goes utterly good with roughly anything. we consternation that will arrive initial on PS4 sans creators? The uneasy Dead Island 2? Or Metal Gear Solid 6? Perhaps some things are best left dead.

Thanks to NeoGaf member Foxxsoxx for highlighting a trailer.

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