DDoS Attacks Targeted Final Fantasy XIV and Ubisoft on a Same …

October 6, 2018Written by Zarmena Khan

ddos attacks

It seems that Ubisoft wasn’t a usually developer targeted by DDoS enemy yesterday as Square Enix announced that it was also fighting off an conflict directed towards a renouned MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV.

Both companies have given been holding stairs to lessen a issue, with Ubisoft observant that it managed to quarrel off a conflict though will continue to guard a situation. It’s misleading if a developer is awaiting another conflict over a weekend or not.

Meanwhile, Square Enix pronounced that it has serve reinforced defensive measures opposite DDoS attacks, and will be coordinating with internet use providers to fight any destiny attempts to interrupt service. Final Fantasy XIV has been targeted sincerely frequently in a past.

At a moment, we’re incompetent to endorse if a same organisation was behind both attacks or not.

2018 has been comparatively pacific for a gaming village compared to prior years during that enemy targeted vital publishers and developers. In new years, hacking groups have also managed to bypass confidence and take patron information from online video diversion retailers. As we now proceed a primary holiday season, companies will positively be deploying defensive measures to lessen intensity attacks.

Here’s anticipating that a rest of 2018 goes by smoothly.

[Source: Final Fantasy XIV]

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