Dark Souls Siegmeyer Of Catarina Collectible Figure Announced

Siegmeyer Feature
(Photo: Gecco)

A collectible figure of Dark Souls’ favorite Onion Knight, Siegmeyer of Catarina, is now accessible for preorder.

The figure comes from a association called Gecco, a association that has combined many total from renouned games including Dark Souls III and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Their newest collectible piece, a statue of a good warrior Siegmeyer, facilities a adventurer’s iconic onion-shaped armor.

Not to be confused with Siegward of Catarina, Siegmeyer creates his initial coming in Dark Souls, the diversion that was many players’ initial burst into a series. Siegmeyer hails from a land of Catarina, and he’s trafficked to Lordran to find adventure, though he infrequently finds himself a bit impressed along a way. That’s because it’s adult to a Chosen Undead — that is, a actor — to support him in his travels. In return, there’s some considerable rewards and even some oniony rigging to be earned.

Those who confront Siegmeyer along their travels will be means to demonstrate to a knight’s optimistic, upbeat attitude, even when he’s faced with clearly indomitable perils and obstacles such as a commanding Sen’s Fortress where players can initial find a Onion Knight indolence about in Dark Souls. His rare looking set of armor is simply recognizable, and any square of a armor talks about how those people outward of Catarina perspective a armor questionably.

“Outside Catarina, they are mostly ridiculed for their onion-like shape, annoying a unapproachable knights, though a remarkably fake winding pattern creates it really effective for parrying,” a descriptions of his armor pieces read.

Much like his armor, a figure itself seems to be remarkably fake as well. The figure stands during 37cm high with a bottom included, and a fact seen in a synthetic blemishes on Siegmeyer’s armor and sword give him a coming that a hardened adventurer in Dark Souls should possess.

The Siegmeyer figure is now accessible for preorder for roughly $300. If you’re going to a San Diego Comic-Con, we can preorder it here and collect it adult during a convention. If not, we can preorder it here and design a shipping date around October.

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