Cuphead Has Sold Over 1 Million Copies In Its First Two Weeks – And What It Means For Animation Creators [UPDATED]

Cuphead is being sole for $19.99, and presumption that Cuphead has generated 750,000 digital downloads opposite all platforms, that amounts to around $15 million in sales over a initial dual weeks. [UPDATE: The creators of Cuphead confirmed this afternoon that Cuphead has sole over 1 million copies, that means that a diversion has generated $20 million in a initial dual weeks.]

Cuphead still has a lot of runway to acquire money, both from downloads as good as discernible media. The skill is represented by King Features, and they have already protected it to Funko, that will recover vinyl Cuphead total after this fall. Additionally, a four-LP vinyl box set of song from a diversion is being distributed by IAm8Bit.

The diversion makers have also reliable skeleton to eventually recover a physical collector’s edition of a game.

The furious success of Cuphead is even some-more conspicuous deliberation that it is a retro-flavored loyalty to 1930s-style rubber hose animation. Throughout a years, there have been large reversion charcterised shorts combined in this character by eccentric animators, though few have generated poignant income of any sort, and nothing have prisoner a imagination of a open in a same demeanour as Cuphead.

It reminds me of an talk that we published progressing this year with distinguished eccentric filmmaker David OReilly. In it, OReilly lamented how he was “going pennyless origination film after film” and was astounded when his initial game, Mountain, “became a initial time we done any genuine income with my possess work.”

The practice of Studio MDHR and OReilly, as good as other new animation-influenced projects like Night in a Woods and Knights and Bikes, indicate to a change in a universe of eccentric animation. Filmmakers who traditionally competence have voiced confidant striking visions by linear party are translating their ideas into interactive formats, and for a initial time, generating suggestive income from their creations.

Clearly, not each brief film thought needs to be a game, though filmmakers and animation creators during slightest now have a choice of selecting either to emanate a normal film or a game. As a record barriers and costs of eccentric diversion origination continue to fall, design some-more animation creators to make a change from filmmaking into diversion creation.

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