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Final Fantasy XV has been on a flattering solid hurl given it debuted good over a year ago, yet Square Enix isn’t finished yet. According to new interviews with 4Gamer and Famitsu, executive Hajime Tabata and a FFXV team are aiming to get 4 some-more DLC episodes out by 2019.


Tabata creatively designed to tighten out a additional calm in 2018, yet he says they won’t be means to fit it all in such a parsimonious schedule. He wants to drum adult some-more growth time so they can entirely prove fans but being limited to 2018.


Episode: Ignis director Takeshi Terada commented, as well, adding that a idea with a rest of a DLC is to finish a “Final Fantasy XV Universe.” It will all flog off with Episode: Ardyn, and there competence even be one for Lunafreya.


As for what else we can expect, there wasn’t most in a approach of details. Terada did offer a small tease, though, saying: “We’d like to see a characters get some-more adore [from fans] for a subsequent additional scenarios. They contend that many people cried with Episode: Ignis, so we wish to broach an part that can move some smiles for a subsequent one.” 


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