Creating a Boss from Start to Finish

The Final Fantasy XIV site has a neat new developer blog that sum a origination of a cave trainer from early judgment by digest and on into a game. Rofocale is a third trainer in a Royal City of Rabanastre who rides atop an peculiar looking chariot. To contend “don’t get trampled” is an understatement.

The blog shows off a good understanding of art from a beginning concepts by sculpted models, digital drawings and 3D models. 

When formulating monsters in FFXIV, we don’t indeed use a sculpted models in-game. We emanate a texture-like intent called a normal map formed on these sculpted models. Next, we request this normal map to a different, low-polygon indication of a monster. This approach we are means to say a series of polygons used, while adding some-more details, such as a textures and bumps to an object.

Check out a full post on the Final Fantasy XIV site.

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