Compulsion on a art of We Happy Few

We held adult with Compulsion Games’ art executive Whitney Clayton to learn some-more about a bid that’s left into a visible pattern of a game.

“It’s 1960s England and this is a environment that we privately love. we grew adult with a lot of British media and radio and a account executive from whom a universe also gets a lot of instruction from, he knows a lot about British history.”

The art character is really colourful and iconic, something that could be viewed as a strife with a procedural inlet of a diversion itself.

“We’re always struggling with that, so we’ve come adult with a lot of hacks to try to make it not feel ‘samey’. The artists have combined pleasing resources and there’s all arrange of collection that a programmers have combined to give control to a artist to concede them to manipulate a complement themselves.”

Clayton also explained how artists and programmers work tighten together during a studio and that this is what’s done this partnership of record and a art character possible.

We Happy Few

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