Compulsion Games promises to continue creation ‘crazy games’ following Microsoft acquisition

Compulsion Games, a developer behind We Happy Few and Contrast, was one of 4 studios recently acquired by Microsoft. That won’t change how they make games, Alex Epstein, account executive on We Happy Few, told Polygon.

The group during Compulsion will “continue creation crazy games,” he said, adding that’s because “Microsoft is shopping us.” The usually disproportion Epstein sees relocating brazen is carrying some-more time to emanate discriminating games.

“What we’ll be means to do is do all with a tiny bit some-more polish, a tiny some-more courtesy to fact in a game,” Epstein told Polygon during E3. “The growth of [We Happy Few] has been a consistent box of triage; of like, ‘This we need to do, so we will do it. This would be good to have, so we substantially won’t do it unless it’s a hobby equine for some chairman or if we harass a turn engineer enough, we know, maybe I’ll get something.’”

Compulsion Games is a comparatively tiny team. We Happy Few, a story-driven journey set in post-World War II England, where everybody takes a drug called Joy to forget about past events, started with only 6 group members. They finished adult with dozens more, and that still isn’t utterly adequate to give players a knowledge or AAA-level gloss they might wish from a open-world game. The wish is that Microsoft will give a group a event to do that in destiny titles.

“I mean, we’ve, we’ve been perplexing to punch above a weight, right,” Epstein said. “You know, we started with 6 people in this game. We finished adult with 40 people. Everybody else is 120 people, 500 people; we’re during arrange of during an awkward, lanky teenage place where we’re good adequate that people start to have AAA expectations of us. And afterwards they’re like, ‘Why isn’t there a hundred hours of gameplay? Why can we get stranded in a landscape sometimes?’ We wish to be means to have we never get stranded in landscape.”

Compulsion Games’ merger also means that, yes, a studio’s subsequent diversion will be Xbox exclusive. (We Happy Few, that is being published by Gearbox, will be multiplatform.)

Epstein wouldn’t provoke what Compulsion’s subsequent diversion might be, though reiterated a group is tough during work on We Happy Few and operative on ensuring people don’t get stranded in a landscape or, in my case, fly back with outstretched, severed arms.

We Happy Few, which was behind a few months ago, will be expelled on PlayStaton 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on Aug. 10. The diversion is accessible to play now in Early Access form on Steam.

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