Composer for Shadow of a Tomb Raider Revealed

Brian’s Work in Tomb Raider

“Brian has a mind-blowing collection of pre-Columbian and South-American instruments, that form a basement of a authentic sound signature for a game. He has also spent a lot of time operative with musicians from specific regions in South America to know how and because a song would be achieved on those instruments. It all brings a singular colour and flawlessness to a measure that we don’t consider anyone will have listened anyone else.”

In a video above, we can see Brian regulating a far-reaching accumulation of instruments to stress opposite situations and emotions. Furthermore, song marks Obsession, Prolouge, and Maya Ruins Escape have also been revealed. They’re all good marks and value checking out.

Additionally, composer and sound engineer Martin Stig Andersen has also been brought on board. Previously, he’s worked on Limbo (2010) and Inside (2016), both of that were grown by Playdead.

The latest Tomb Raider reboot kicked off in 2013 and changed brazen with Rise of a Tomb Raider in 2015. From a looks of it, this latest installment will be a darkest one nonetheless and pull Lara to her loyal potential. This time, a story brings Lara and her crony Jonah in a midst of a Mayan apocalypse.

Shadow of a Tomb Raider will recover on Sep 14th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. What do we consider of a latest song tracks? Is Brian a right choice to harmonise a latest Tomb Raider game? Let us know in a comments territory below. We’d adore to hear from you.

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