Columns: Were Jump Potions a Game-Changer?

Jump Potions are a comparatively new further to FFXIV, yet they aren’t something I’ve lonesome before. Introduced alongside Stormblood, they’re cash-shop purchases that let we skip many of a game’s levelling routine and start true on one of a expansions.


People were frightened when they were initial suggested — “This isn’t World of Warcraft!” was a unchanging cry — for reasons that are substantially inbred in those who have played MMOs for a prolonged time. Conventional trust says a initial leveling routine is essential to training someone about a diversion and a universe characters inhabit. How can we design someone to be any good if they’ve skipped all that?

It’s been a few months given they were introduced, so we figured now would be a good time to take a step behind and see what impact they’ve had. In short? They haven’t unequivocally altered all that much. In fact, we know there are some people who don’t keep adult with a game’s news or village who don’t know they exist during all.

The calamity unfolding that it would lead to a inundate of bad players usually hasn’t happened. This isn’t to contend that burst potions are attracting exclusively people who are good, yet that a altogether suit of players who are noticeably inexperienced hasn’t unequivocally changed.

It’s a fact that MMOs are a lot easier than they used to be. Remember a days of losing EXP or equipment on death? If it feels like ancient history, that’s since it is. Getting to max turn usually isn’t a suggestive indicator of how good someone is or could be. Of course, a tour should learn we a lot along a way, yet with abounding query EXP and dungeons designed not to tumble detached if there’s a diseased link, we can get by a diversion training surprisingly little.

I used to be in an Free Company with a man who, if told he was bad (and he mostly was), would do this absurd thing where he’d contend ‘Look during my pursuit levels!’. He had all maxed out, yet played like garbage, so all this unequivocally demonstrated was that he had some-more time than other people. I’ve had some flattering good practice where I’ve played with people who have used burst potions and are receptive to feedback or training new dungeons since they haven’t had a same eventuality to rise years of bad habits, or depressed into a position of gentle ignorance.

It goes yet observant that I’ve had a opposite, too; we was forced to desert a cave after we was matched with a Dark Knight jump-potion user who clearly had no thought how to tank and was annoyed when my celebration members attempted to assistance him learn. But I’ve had that with people who’ve clearly intended adult from scratch, too. We all have.

When we buy a burst potion, it usually relates to one job. It’s an hapless effect of XIV’s firm holy threesome that if we squeeze a burst refreshment for a tank or a healer, you’re going to be tanking or recovering — no ifs, no buts, that’s usually a approach it is. At slightest in WoW if we played a Warrior (which is mostly played as a tank) we could specialise with a DPS build. This is compounded by a fact that the webpage for burst potions doesn’t indeed contend what purpose a pursuit falls into. 

Going by a name alone, a Paladin could simply be a healer or a tank, and while you’d design someone to do a investigate before shopping a turn boost, what if they don’t? More fundamentally, what are they ostensible to bottom that preference on? Those are questions we don’t consider a stream complement answers, and requires a grade of beginning that shouldn’t be optional, yet is.

But if people buy a burst refreshment after perplexing a pursuit for a small while — we can examination comparatively openly before creation a tough commitment, even within a space of a giveaway hearing — we consider it’s a totally legitimate approach to get to a calm we wish to experience, or to skip a things we don’t. They’re also a good choice for people with additional disposable income who don’t wish to go by Cutter’s Cry for a Nth time usually to turn adult their sixth job.

They’re not something I’d ever use, and there’s a lot of calm that we consider it’d be a contrition to miss. But a tour to stream calm is impossibly prolonged — there is days’ value of story between A Realm Reborn’s end and a initial expansion, and that’s usually a fragment of a debate — so we don’t unequivocally covet anybody for skipping possibly a story or a leveling routine (you can skip both, yet be warned: they’re apart purchases).

The existence is that many training in XIV happens during a endgame, when you’ve got all your skills and your objectives go over ‘kill mobs as quick as possible’; we can learn your rotation, get a feel for where your place in a village and figure out what you’re gentle doing. we don’t consider there’s anything inherently wrong with removing people to that indicate earlier.

Of course, if you’re thrusting people into max-level calm who aren’t prepared for it, that’s not good. But you’ve got to traipse by Stormblood to get there (there are no turn 70 boosts yet; we can usually go to 60, a start of SB’s campaign), and there are copiousness of people who have strike a turn top a tough approach who’re usually as clueless as anybody else. It’ll take something many some-more elemental than burst potions to change that.

A second farewell

The Maiden’s Rhapsody, a crossover eventuality that serves as a lustful farewell for FFXI, is set to lapse on Nov 10. It is strongly suggested this is a true rerun of a 2015 eventuality (I can’t trust it was dual years ago), so if we did it during a time, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything for we here.

If we didn’t, though, make certain we do; it’s flattering charming, even if we have no laxity with XI, and a glorious set we get as a prerogative is one of a really best in a game. Now all they have to do is move behind a Shantotto eventuality too, and we’d be set.

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