Columns: The Unending Coil of Bahamut is a Coolest Thing in FFXIV

It’s protected to contend that Square Enix knows a thing or dual about tough MMO trainer fights. Final Fantasy XI, that is still alive and kicking, done news scarcely a decade ago for a introduction of an eighteen-hour fight, Absolute Virtue. In some-more new times, those who fought Living Liquid’s Savage various on XIV seem to have shaped a lax survivors’ association, with anybody who indeed done it by before it became old-fashioned feeling a arrange of intercourse you’d find among those who’d collectively witnessed something terrible.


So when a Unending Coil of Bahamut was announced, we was equal-parts shaken and excited. The Unending Coil is XIV’s initial Ultimate-difficulty encounter, going apart over Savage raids and impassioned Primals into yet-uncharted territory.  This was ostensible to be so formidable that creation people quit early on was a tongue-in-cheek pattern idea — for it would be kind in a face of what comes later.

People have been job for something like this for a prolonged time; disproportionate numbered rags tend to have few gifts for a endgame community, so some competence even contend it’s overdue. But there’s a excellent line between an epic plea and something arbitrarily difficult, and if it strayed too tighten to Absolute Virtue territory, it’d leave me (and I’m certain many others) feeling worried about destiny fights.

Now it’s here, and it’s surpassed all expectations. It’s a long, formidable quarrel that many players aren’t even authorised for, requiring a execution of all tide raid content. It contains some of a worst, most-unforgiving mechanics in XIV’s story — divebombs, twisters, we name it. Recovering from deaths is roughly impossible, and a full quarrel is pronounced to be between 15-20 mins long. And nonetheless notwithstanding all that, it’s arguably a many poignant thing combined given Stormblood came out.

I don’t accommodate a entrance criteria, so we can’t even see a initial phase. This is a initial mainstay I’ve created where we have no knowledge of a calm at all. In fact, many people will never section into a instance, let alone transparent it; as we write this, nobody has seen a finish of a fight.

Counterintuitive nonetheless it might be, that’s a point. FFXIV is hugely accessible, and flattering most anything is doable with a reasonable volume of time and practice. Even nonetheless usually a unequivocally teenager commission of a game’s competition has privileged Savage, zero has ever unequivocally felt that unattainable — until now.

And nonetheless a quarrel is organisation though fair. All of a mechanics (that I’ve been means to see, during least) have debuted in prior encounters, definition there is no mysterious nonsense to try and figure out. Everybody is during max object level, so nobody has an advantage. What creates it unattainable is not some prolonged grub or other capricious barrier, though actor skill.

This has brought a new kind of fad to FFXIV. It’s given people something to stream, and, maybe some-more significantly, something to watch. The diversion is good fun to play, though it’s never drawn vast audiences until now, quickly outstripping World of Warcraft on Twitch after Bahamut went live.

I design this is during slightest partially since if we wanted to see calm it wasn’t all that tough to do it yourself. Now there’s something that usually a best of a best can do, there’s tangible value in sitting down and examination a streamer. (I’ve been following Miunih and Xenosys’s attempts, and they’ve been honestly entertaining.)

It’s honestly unequivocally heartening to see a village collectively learn a quarrel and for there to be a genuine, days-long competition to be universe first. For a initial time, there’s a truly turn personification margin during a PvE endgame with no RNG or acts of God to interrupt that, and it will sojourn that approach until 4.2.

And a response from a village has been fantastic; maybe since a devs were so upfront about how formidable this was going to be, there’s nothing (or during slightest unequivocally little) of a common angry or job for nerfs. It’s explanation that, when presented in a right way, calm doesn’t have to be for everybody — indeed, exclusivity can be what creates it so special.

I’m certain there will be some people reading this that have no seductiveness in raiding during all, though cruise what this means for you: if there’s a partial of a diversion we like that we feel has been pared behind or watered down so it’s suitable for everyone, The Unending Coil has done a box for niche calm for a tiny village so we don’t have to. Far from objecting to a fact Ultimate isn’t for everyone, people seem to adore it for it, and a success opens a doorway to other calm like it.

There’s a partial of me that hopes a developers will make it so this quarrel can usually ever be attempted with a smallest object level, as people are now. If a day comes where people can unsync a quarrel simply — maybe when a subsequent enlargement comes out — and trivialise it, that will be a shame. This quarrel seems impossibly well-tuned, and maybe I’m only a dirty elitist, though we wish one day we can knowledge this quarrel as it was meant to be experienced, with no rigging advantages or shortcuts, only hours of attempts and a captivate of a apart clarity of accomplishment.

I wish SE comes divided from this feeling confidant about bringing encounters that aren’t meant for everyone. Of course, a ‘average player’ should be taken into comment as most as possible. But man… This is a initial time they’ve expel off that inhibition, and they’ve done something that — during slightest to me as an alien — seems unequivocally special. Now there’s something to truly aspire to, and FFXIV is improved for it. 

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