Columns: The Savage Loot System is Broken

The Savage Loot System is Broken

A integrate of weeks ago I wrote about a joys of starting a static. Raiding in FFXIV is unequivocally good fun, and putting together my possess organisation has unequivocally been one of a many gratifying things I’ve finished in this game.

But one thing that’s unequivocally strike home given afterwards is how many of a pain a rob complement for Savage raids is. Previously we wasn’t in assign of organizing events — we was usually propitious adequate to be taken along by my FC — though now I’m scheduling things myself, a categorical problem I’m entrance adult opposite is perplexing to make certain everybody gets a satisfactory shot during loot.


Let me explain how a complement works if you’ve not finished Savage yourself. Unlike in normal, any week we get a page (a arrange of token) as a guaranteed dump a initial time we transparent a stage. You can spend a series of pages on a square of high-end gear. You can’t get some-more than one a week, though that’s fine, given if we hang to it you’re guaranteed to get something, RNG-free (It’s 4 pages from a second theatre of Omega Savage for a span of boots, for example).

But chests seem as well. These enclose things we can buy with pages, vouchsafing we jump weeks forward — so instead of shopping a span of boots with pages, we competence find them in a chest. They also enclose some pointless ascent materials that are differently unobtainable or during slightest costly / untimely to get. Like pages, chests seem once a week, and we have one shot during removing something from them. If a things that appears in a chest isn’t for you, tough luck!

It’s a chests that make raid rob such a crapshoot. This isn’t given their essence are random, given people will get what they wish given adequate time. Nor is it given it enables some people to get forward of a bend while their detrimental peers are lagging behind. Again, pages solve all that — after a few weeks, all fitness equals out in a end.

Rather, it’s given of a keen rob complement in that a series of chests that appears is proportional to a series of people in a organisation who have already privileged that week.

If nobody’s cleared, dual chests appear, definition a integrate of we will substantially travel divided happy or during slightest with some rigging for an alt. But if even one chairman has cleared, a series of chests goes down; if adult to 4 people have cleared, one chest will appear, while if 5 or some-more have privileged no chests will seem during all.

What this does is act as a disincentive opposite personification with other people, forcing them to collect one organisation and hang with it. But it also means that if a organisation ends adult with someone on holiday (which has been unavoidable for us, as we’ve been personification via August), removing a deputy is a outrageous headache. Not usually do we need someone means of clearing, though we also need someone who hasn’t privileged that week and who doesn’t have a organisation of their possess that they’re already committed to helping.

I can't unequivocally sense given this is, and it leads to lots of situations where people looking to use fights incidentally hurt other people’s’ chances of removing something useful. I’ve seen a lot of threads cocktail adult on Reddit and a central forums where people who join transparent groups unknowingly finish adult in a celebration with people who’ve finished it that week and get fewer rewards as a result, given nobody gets a warning solely a celebration leader.

I suspect a meditative behind a complement is to make it so we have to unequivocally acquire monster rigging and to cut down on shopping and offered clears, though if that were a case, pages wouldn’t dump either; they dump into your register even if everybody else has cleared. More to a point, people already sell runs, so it doesn’t make a complement any reduction open to abuse.

All it does is supplement an additional covering of problem on tip of a tangible fights themselves and force people to be additional clever about organizing things. If someone says they competence be means to attend, that’s not good adequate — we need a tough commitment, or else we risk not carrying anyone who hasn’t nonetheless privileged that week to go in with you. Inevitably, that means that a serve we get divided from a weekly reset, a harder it is to find someone who can assistance we though requiring your organisation to scapegoat rob along a way.

I’d be some-more than happy with we removing a shot during a initial dual chests we see and carrying that be that, given that’s how many games work, or maybe shortening a series when a infancy of people have privileged — though slicing a volume a organisation receives for a successful transparent by during slightest half if anyone’s left in already that week is obscene.

Further compounding this exasperation is that if we have to go by stages in order. Alte Roite is in V1, followed by Catastrophe in V2. If we reserve for V2, we immediately pledge all rob in V1, including a page, even if we don’t conduct to kill Catastrophe, and we count as carrying privileged a encounter. I’m now on V3 Savage, and what this means is that if we wish to get use in allege of a raid, even if we don’t clear, I’m totally incompetent to do so.

None of this is a box on normal mode, that has a many some-more reasonable complement of ‘if we get something, you’re sealed out for a rest of a week’, and we can do things in any sequence we like. It doesn’t need an letter to explain — that’s all there is to it. we know that many MMOs have some kind of lockout system, though given that many don’t mangle raids adult into one instance per fight, there’s no need for something as aggressively limiting as this in XIV.

It’s bizarre, given FFXIV has a good coach complement and loads of incentives for assisting other people, such as giving people reward banking if they do calm with a new actor in a group. Savage raids are a usually calm in a diversion that inspire people to hang together in a tighten organisation and drive transparent of personification with others. Extreme primals have a improved rob complement and they’re infrequently harder than Savage raids (Thordan, behind in a day, is a flattering good example).

Savage calm is unequivocally good fun, and I’m enjoying each impulse of it (except for a wipes). But there are people I’d adore to take along or offer assistance when they need it, and I’ll never be means to though possibly them or my organisation losing out. The same goes for other people when we need help. If someone’s sick, a other immobile in a FC can’t offer to help. They can usually wish us a best and demeanour on from a distance.

This is how raiding in FFXIV has been given release, so it seems doubtful it’ll ever change, though we wish we’re eventually afforded a new complement that’s easy to know and gainful to personification with people outward of your clique. we can’t suppose it would do anything other than open adult raiding to a wider partial of a village — and isn’t that a good thing?

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