Columns: Patch 4.2 – The Best of a Rest

The Main Scenario sees us lapse to newly expelled Doma — along with Gosetsu and a former majestic viceroy, Yotsuyu, a latter of that has mislaid her memory. They’re assimilated shortly thereafter by Asahi, a baby-faced intermediary from a Garlean empire. He’s Yotsuyu’s brother, and, like her, was a quisling while a domain was underneath occupation.


Asahi claims to paint a softer coterie within a empire, and offers to attorney a assent with Doma, proposing a restrained exchange: Garlemald will lapse all a Domans it prisoner so prolonged as Doma offers to do a same with any Garleans… including a amnesiac Yotsuyu.

It’s an engaging setup, and, for once, a Warrior of Light mostly takes a behind seat. Asahi is an engaging further to a cast, and his digression during a perfection of a final query is unequivocally a high point. The essay is strong, subsequent in a clearly indomitable charge of creation Yotsuyu comparatively sympathetic, and it’s tough not to come divided from a quests fondness Hien and a Domans a good deal.

Still, I’d struggled to put my finger on because I’d been utterly loose about tacking a story quests that came after Stormblood’s conclusion, nonetheless we think, as of this patch, I’ve figured it out. Once we strike 60 and killed Thordan during a finish of Heavensward, it still felt like there was a lot on a horizon; Nidhogg was still alive, a Dragonsong War was still ongoing. Stormblood doesn’t have that same clarity of urgency, and so, while a essay is still good and a scenarios sojourn entertaining, it’s tough to see what this is all in use of.

But maybe we’ll know soon; nonetheless 4.2 leaves players with some-more questions than answers, we knew before it was expelled that a story it was to tell was going to be told in parts. The final cutscene that’s shown once all else is pronounced and finished hints that there’s some genuine mayhem ahead.

Glamour up

Outside of a story — and, indeed, fight wholly — a much-hyped Glamour dresser is a large step forward. The new glorious complement allows we do modify and store rigging pieces as permanent transmog items. You can emanate presets with these called plates that we can request on-the-fly, so prolonged as you’re in a city such as Rhalgr’s Reach or Limsa Lominsa.

If you’re a kind of chairman who finds themself glamouring a same object on opposite pieces of rigging as they upgrade, quite when rigging comes during a delayed gait during a start of a patch, it’s indispensable. It’s been super useful after removing raid rigging — we can usually strike ‘apply plate’ once you’ve bought or upgraded it, and you’re behind to not looking mismatched. Once you’ve indeed finished a plate, we don’t need any reagents, either.

Glamours have unequivocally come a long, prolonged approach given when we initial started personification a game. No some-more class 1-5 prisms, and no some-more ‘Armorsmithing’ or other profession-based prisms… In fact, we’re removing tighten to a existence in that we can mostly work yet prisms wholly — nonetheless there’s still a lot some-more that could be done.

For example, it’s not unequivocally apparent to me because we can usually disaster around with a Glamour dresser and plates in motel rooms, that are a pain to get to; bafflingly, we can’t even buy a dresser to put in your residence right now, so while a work they’ve finished is great, it feels like many people won’t even unequivocally knowledge it until a underline is easier to access. Indeed, for a good suit of a playerbase, it’s substantially easier to usually keep shopping prisms and fake a Glamour dresser was never added. Still, in a integrate of patches, it could be a fully-fledged habit system, that is what people have been requesting for years — it’s usually not there yet.

Solid foundations

Housing, meanwhile, has clearly turn some-more permitted to many some-more people, interjection to a further of new wards. My server (Cerberus) isn’t small, but, during slightest final night, there were copiousness of estates still accessible in Shirogane. In a ‘older’ housing areas, some wards are flattering many empty:

This is, of course, mostly down to a fact that post 4.2 housing purchases were relegated to relocations (moving one home to another) and Free Companies only. But it was Free Companies who were a many outspoken about being edged-out when Shirogane was released, and now, during least, it seems each singular FC on all nonetheless a many packaged servers has been means to suffer a satisfactory shot during shopping some land in whatever area they like a most.

The genuine exam comes today, when personal purchases are enabled once some-more and those yet houses can snap adult what’s left. It’ll take a few days for it to turn transparent if a supply of housing is adequate to outstrip demand, nonetheless we suspect, during slightest in a brief term, it will be. But one change doesn’t lay good with me in a prolonged term, and it’s that estates now don’t turn immediately accessible when a owners relinquishes land.

I know this is to daunt private sales, but… Why? Saving adult and shopping land directly from players was one of a few ways we could get certainty from a housing complement and remonstrate others to give plots up. Not usually is there no range to trade adult or down in terms of estates anymore, if we can’t sell skill we don’t wish or aren’t using, there’s no reason not to hang onto it indefinitely.

There are some other, smaller things that have been combined that merit during slightest an fair mention. What I’ve seen of a new feast map is unequivocally nice, and a Duty Recorder is potentially a game-changer for calm creators once we can use it in some-more than Byakko. Overall, a PvE side of 4.2, as lonesome before, is really impressive, nonetheless as we pronounced when a patch came out, it still feels like there’s a Eureka-shaped hole in a game. What we need is some good out-of-instance PvE calm — so let’s wish when Eureka debuts within a subsequent integrate of weeks we’ll have usually that.

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