Columns: Patch 4.1 Trailer + Job Changes!

It’s here! There’s finally a trailer for FFXIV Patch 4.1, Stormblood’s initial vital calm update. It was expelled as partial of Naoki Yoshida’s monthly Letter from a Producer Live, and shows — among other things — a footage from a 24-man raid, super-savage, and Rival Wings, a code new PVP mode that lets we quarrel alongside a Cruise Chaser. It’s like all my namedays came during once!


The refurbish will go live on Oct 10th, while breeze patch records will expected go adult on a 6th.

There’s an central interpretation of a concomitant Live Letter on a central forums, that goes into larger fact about what is (and isn’t) in a patch. Something that’s blank from that however is sum about pursuit changes — Warrior, Dragoon, Summoner, Scholar and Machinist all seem to be removing buffed in a subsequent patch, according to unaccepted translations.

In a pierce that competence stop my Warrior friends moaning, Shake It Off is being altered into something useful, while Dragoons will usually need 3 stacks of Dragon Eye to be means to use Life of a Dragon / Nastrond. Devotion, presumably a misfortune clean in a universe during present, is being altered from a singular aim pierce that usually affects a celebration member closest to a Summoner’s pet (how was that ever deliberate a good idea?!) to an startling full-party buff.

For Scholars, Adloquium will cost reduction MP and several purpose skills will be offset to move it in line with Astrologian and White Mage, both of that are widespread during healing, while Hypercharge is removing cranked adult for Machinists. Ninja is changing too, though I’m not unequivocally certain how right now; Shukuchi will be practiced to be reduction laggy, however, that is a transparent improvement.

In this week’s column we pronounced Samurai faced difficulty in a prolonged run if there weren’t some-more reasons to embody it in a organisation — a clean to Dragoon urges that destiny to come in somewhat sooner. we likely before 4.0 came out that Dragoon would be unequivocally strong, and we unequivocally consider it’s definite during this indicate — it’s a good job, and it’s about to get better. As a SAM main, I’m severely tempted to burst ship.

The tide was wholly in Japanese, though it’s value skipping by a vod regardless if you’re meddlesome in saying some of this things in motion. In-game homeowners might be meddlesome in a relocation underline that was shown on stream, because, reassuringly, it’s really quick and simple. Check out a repository here.

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