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Life of a Dragoon

Boy, did we select a good time to come behind to Final Fantasy XIV.  My Job of choice in a diversion is, as we competence have guessed from a title, a Dragoon. I’ve desired a Dragoon Job given we was a child personification a progressing Final Fantasy games and I’ve played a Job given any event since. Heck, we even ran a whole celebration of Lancers in Final Fantasy Tactics once. It turns out that Dragoon was flattering overwhelming in Heavensward, so we was vehement for a changes entrance to a Job in Stormblood, presumption that Dragoon would come out even better. Maybe a bit some-more streamlined, though only as good. we was wrong.


Shortly after a launch of Stormblood, it became apparent that Dragoon was in a terrible position, both in terms of a DPS intensity and a fun factor. The changes done to a Job did indeed streamline Dragoon, though it’s repairs dropped, intentionally in partial given Square Enix appears to be positioning a Job as a “support” DPS (a’la Bard), though also due to some frustrating changes to a Job’s mechanics. The formula were a Job that spends a whole lot of time building adult to a “big” conflict (Nastrond) for small payoff. To make matters worse, Dragoon’s efficacy in quarrel is so firmly tied to a Blood of a Dragon/Life of a Dragon mechanic, that it’s punished heavily in many trainer fights featuring any arrange of endless proviso transitions. Dragoon isn’t singular in this regard, other Jobs can also humour due to proviso transitions, though this Job in sold can be set behind intensely if a actor is incompetent to say a mechanic.

For a uninitiated, by a march of a Dragoon’s rotation, your aim is to boost Eye of a Dragon stacks while progressing a Blood of a Dragon buff. For any execution of Mirage Dive underneath a Dive Ready outcome (granted by possibly Jump or Spineshatter Dive), you’ll be postulated a singular Eye stack. Once you’ve strike 4 stacks, we can use a ability Geirskogul to trigger Life of a Dragon, transforming Geirskogul into a stronger ability called Nastrond, that can be used as prolonged as a Life of a Dragon clean is active. The emanate with Dragoon is that it’s intensely easy to remove Eye of a Dragon stacks due to proviso transitions causing Blood of a Dragon to dump off entirely, starting we over from a commencement of a process.

Today, we’re going to demeanour during a recently deployed patch 4.05, that includes some changes for a Dragoon Job, and offer a take on either these changes are adequate to arrange a Job out.

  • This ability had a cooldown cut in half. It’s a good quality-of-life change, though it’s not super impactful. Elusive Jump does revoke animosity (hate) and a lowered cooldown positions a Dragoon as substantially a many mobile Job in a game, though this isn’t a diversion changer.
  • The generation boost of 5 seconds from 15 to 20 seconds should give some space when traffic with a aforementioned proviso transitions, though it’s not enough.
  • The combo outcome for Sonic Thrust now extends Blood of a Dragon by 10 seconds (up to 30 seconds max). This is an impossibly acquire change. Most Dragoons didn’t even worry perplexing to say Blood of a Dragon while AOE-ing given it wasn’t practical, so this is one change that creates a poignant disproportion for a Job.
  • Dragon Sight had a operation doubled to 12 yalms. we still feel this is an positively foolish ability, though it should assistance some. If you’re unfamiliar, Dragoon’s fundamentally need to fasten themselves to a teammate in sequence to strech their repairs potential. Maintaining a fasten increases a Dragoon’s repairs by 10%, so losing it for any reason would be frustrating. we still feel this should be an aura that tags whoever is closest. I’m not a outrageous fan of chasing some other dude around a quarrel to make certain we can say my repairs potential. we unequivocally wish a ability is only reworked wholly during some point.
  • This trait perceived a potential clean of 70 points, augmenting a reward potential offering to Wheeling Thrust and Fang and Claw from 30 to 100. Extra DPS? Sure. I’ll take it.
  • The animation close on Mirage Dive has been condensed in 4.05. This is a simple, though appreciated quality-of-life change.

All in all, 4.05 includes some acquire changes, though a elephant in a room remains. My wish is that Square Enix will exercise some some-more poignant automechanic changes in 4.1 once they’ve had some-more time to investigate a issue. Ironically, they don’t need to demeanour distant for some good solutions to a Dragoon’s issues. Dragoon in PvP is great. One of a pivotal differences in PvP is that a Jump and Spineshatter Dive abilities both extend Eye of a Dragon stacks and this is something I’d like to see combined on a PvE side as well.  That, or only don’t make Blood of a Dragon parasite down during proviso transitions.

I’d like to see some other tweaks as well.  For one, restraining Geirskogul to activating Life of a Dragon isn’t such a prohibited thought due to a prolonged cooldown. Either reduce a cooldown on a ability or simply make it so dire Blood of a Dragon again is what triggers a switch to Life of a Dragon when a actor has adequate stacks. Nastrond needs a potential buff, too. we don’t unequivocally see because Dragoons spend all this time building adult to this one pierce if it doesn’t container a wallop. A 90 second build adult for a 320 potential conflict isn’t super exciting.

What’s your take on Dragoon in 4.05? What else (if anything) would we like to see changed? Share your thoughts with us in a comments below!

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