Columns: Is Mentorship Meaningless?

In Feb 2016, a developers of FFXIV implemented something that’s a unequivocally good thought on paper: a mentorship system. XIV’s always been good during easy newer players, such as by charity a reward when holding someone by calm for a initial time, and permitting players to symbol themselves as mentors seems like a healthy prolongation of that.


You can spin a coach in a integrate of ways, yet many players are means to do so by personification a diversion for a medium-term though unequivocally perplexing — we don’t even need to strike Stormblood’s spin cap. After that, it’s a box of signing adult during during a vital city. You can arrangement a climax subsequent to your name to uncover you’re a useful soul, and, in theory, you’re ostensible to act like it. You can also spin it on and off during will if we imagination a break, or you’re in unknown territory.

It’s been some-more than dual years given then, and mentorship hasn’t unequivocally altered in any large approach in a inserted period. Yet it’s a subject that evokes flattering clever feelings within a community; only in a final week, a user on a XIV Reddit recently highlighted a box where someone became a coach a small dual hours after losing new actor status, while streamer Arthars suggested a climax creates people stupid.

The Novice Network, a discuss channel for new players that was introduced during a same time, is a sincerely useful apparatus for newbies. The coach system, on a other hand, hasn’t unequivocally reached that point; there’s no clarity that new players are any some-more expected to ask a coach than they are to ask anyone else. People only seem to like carrying a climax over their heads, that undermines whatever value it competence have as a signifier of those peaceful to assistance others.

Worse still, since being a coach isn’t unequivocally governed by ability though by how prolonged you’ve played FFXIV, it’s not a good indicator that you’re utterly skilful during a game. Whether or not we give good recommendation or play feeble or well, you’re still a coach if we wish to be — and that’s a problem. There are no standards or expectations placed on mentors, and I’ve played with copiousness who are ardent and unhelpful to new players or simply not competent to offer even simple advice. This is never acceptable, though it’s most enraging when we see that arrange of control by somebody with coach status.

I should explain that there are copiousness of glorious mentors, only as there are copiousness of glorious sprouts. But a coach pretension is roughly immaterial when it comes to them being good players, and there are only as many with a climax idol who offer zero during all. It begs a question: What does being a coach unequivocally even mean, and is it even required to have a coach complement in a initial place? There’s no transparent answer, since there’s no approach to quantify if someone’s indeed charity assistance within a community, nor any approach to interest to those who competence be peaceful to do so outward of a beginner network. It’s a good thought on paper, though in practice, it’s small some-more than a cosmetic idea that someone might be peaceful to help, and it’s not one we can rest upon.

I play EVE Online occasionally, that handles this arrange of thing unequivocally good by a proffer organisation called ISD. Players can join one of a branches of ISD and minister to a community such as by moderating a newbie assistance channel and stealing unhelpful messages. ISD members have opposite phony names and other bells and whistles, though it’s not only for show: they have to fill out an focus form and pointer a detached terms of use agreement ruling their conduct.

It’s formal, sure, though it’s combined an sourroundings where we can indeed trust those who’ve volunteered to support other players to take that joining seriously. If XIV adopted a identical indication (and I’m not observant this would be a right answer), there would be distant fewer mentors, though during slightest those who took on a pretension could indeed be relied upon.

I sealed adult to be a coach utterly some time ago, though we haven’t displayed a idol in during slightest a year. This doesn’t meant I’m not peaceful to assistance people, since we am; we can form and DPS during a same time sincerely well, so I’ll call out niche fights whenever they come in roulettes and things like that. But we don’t need a climax over my conduct to support others, and I’m not certain anybody ever did, so we don’t see any indicate in display it off.

The thing is, this diversion has always had mentors, even before a grave complement was introduced. They’re a folk that hang with groups unwell on calm rather than perplexing to opinion desert betimes or only bailing out altogether. They’re those that offer assistance unsolicited in formidable instances rather than angry about a mistakes people make in FC or linkshell chat. They’re people who set themselves detached by assisting other people for no reason other than to improved this community, and positively not to have a lovable idol by their name.

We have a good community, though a coach module doesn’t unequivocally supplement to it. That’s a shame, since those who do minister to creation a playerbase what it is merit recognition, utterly if it creates it easier for newer players to find them out and rest on them for help. If a complement is revisited in some destiny refurbish — and we think it will be, to tie adult a mandate if zero else — afterwards those who wish to spin mentors need to be done to work for it, and to belong to some standards in sequence to means a privilege. Only afterwards will it be a bonus for new and returning players, and something mentors can indeed take honour in.

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