Columns: In Defense of Content Most Will Never See

In Defense of Content Most Will Never See

There’s a lot of calm in Final Fantasy XIV I’ll never see. Of course, everything’s on YouTube, though things that my impression will indeed strech is another matter. That comes from someone who has seen distant some-more than many others — I’ve been in and out of monster and impassioned primals for a good few rags now, and that’s calm many of a playerbase has never touched.


A few weeks ago, we ‘killed’ Exdeath on Savage mode for a initial time. For those who don’t know, Exdeath on Savage problem isn’t a singular boss, though a predecessor to an disdainful confront — Neo Exdeath. It’s approach some-more considerable than anything in Omega normal.

Looks awesome, right? It’s a contrition unequivocally few players will ever see it. And it’s tough as hell, so it’s doubtful I’ll have Neo Exdeath down in any reasonable timeframe. This means we won’t see another disdainful fight: a incoming ‘Ultimate’ series, that debuts in 4.1 and will be sealed behind execution of O4S. I’m a small unhappy about it, though does it worry me? Not really.

It does, however, worry some other people, and we know why. There’s a lot of hype around Ultimate and we can suppose for some it’s like conference speak about a celebration we haven’t been invited to. A thread on a Official Forums was finished angry about incompatible people from Ultimate perceived hundreds of responses conflicting (the man eventually altered his mind) — though I’ve oral to people who honestly feel this way, and we consider that there’s a wordless organisation that wonders since on earth Square Enix would dedicate growth time to something usually 0.5% of players will be means to reserve for, many reduction beat.

It’d be easy to contend that usually since we can’t do something, that doesn’t meant it shouldn’t be there, as many already have — and we consider that’s indisputable. But we consider there’s a deeper review to be had here about MMO players and what happens when they strike their limit.

I remember behind when we played WoW as a teenager, and there was a lot of calm I’d never see notwithstanding spending months in a universe that built towards that content. Blackwing Lair? No, never. Icecrown? Not a chance. It wasn’t for a miss of willing, possibly — anticipating a organisation for that arrange of calm was unequivocally hard.

In XIV’s case, flattering many all that would be tangible as infrequent is doable by anyone — 24-man raids, normal-mode 8-man calm — with minimal preparation, and we consider that’s great. It is positively an alleviation from A Realm Reborn’s Binding Coil of Bahamut. To this day, Coil stays some of a best calm in this diversion and is hugely vicious to a story, though it was roughly as formidable as Savage in a universe before cross-realm celebration finder and a problem mode for ‘normal’ players. Most people were forced to watch cutscenes on YouTube, never stepping into a breach.

On a other end, there exist people who have sucked a diversion dry and kick O4S on week one, even if they weren’t partial of a competition for universe first. I’m on a integrate of raiding Discord servers, and some some-more outspoken players contend that this diversion has no content. While that’s hyperbolic, it does exhibit that there is a clarity among endgame players that once they’ve finished a final Savage (or equivalent) fight, there’s not a whole lot else to do.

If we kick Savage in week one, that means we can go months feeling that approach — adult until now, it’s usually unequivocally even-numbered rags that have catered to that audience. Ultimate exists for those players, and they merit something to waves them over, so we consider introducing it is a right move. But we consider there are reasons people are finished worried by it being there, and few are as elementary as rigging desert or green grapes.

I consider what some people meant when they’re vicious of calm like this is that they wish they had a ability to do it, though it’s radically unattainable for them. Because for a lot of people, it’s not indispensably a miss of time or peaceful — they’re usually blank something vaporous though crucial, like a immobile or a garland of friends, or simply a certainty to try.

There is no doubt in my mind that there those out there who are honestly good players though who are blank something that would capacitate them to take their skills further; calm like this is usually another sign of that. There’s usually so distant we can pull yourself on consultant roulette.

For others, it’s a sign that they’re usually not good enough. we did Susano a few weeks ago and we was kind of vacant that there are people who are struggling to do it during this point, though that’s a foolish viewpoint to have; it wasn’t so prolonged ago (a year or so, maybe?) that I’d never finished an impassioned primal while it was current. For people that onslaught to stand a hills in front of them, we can know a disappointment they competence feel when a developers supplement nonetheless some-more plateau in a stretch that they’ll never reach, let alone scale.

I consider a lot of this comes down to a fact that ‘mainstream’ calm in MMORPGs has turn many easier; removing groups for endgame dungeons in things like vanilla WoW used to be a prolonged and concerned process, while queueing in games like XIV is comparatively painless. The top-level calm has gotten easier, too, though a problem we consider people have faced for decades is anticipating a decent approach to get people there. we trust that there are a lot of people who wouldn’t know where to start with apropos good adequate to get to Ultimate.

But a resolution isn’t to equivocate adding things that’s unattainable for most. The diversion is full of things I’ll never be means to do unequivocally good (crafting arch among them), though we don’t covet that they’re there. Instead, we consider there needs to be a clearer trail from a turn top to high-level play. You can boil it down to ‘do impassioned primals, rigging up, afterwards get into Savage’, though a existence is that raiding requires a outrageous volume of credentials and ability demanded by zero else, and a trail to removing there is many some-more difficult — quite in a diversion where, for example, measuring personal DPS grant requires violation a developers’ terms of service.

If a mentoring complement was good, and amounted to some-more than a climax idol and an problematic roulette, there competence be a village of players means to assistance overpass this opening — though ultimately, mentorship is meaningless, and there are no collection for mentors to assistance people get that set up. This, joined with a fact that a Savage rob complement creates it wholly restricted to run encounters some-more than once a week or with anybody who has a transparent (I keep going behind to this, but it is awful), means that it’s not usually Ultimate that’s sealed off from many of a playerbase, though anything over impassioned primals — and even those are too modernized for some.

There was a brief golden age when Stormblood came out where everybody could do everything. Susano was a hardest quarrel in a game, and even extreme-mode newbies were removing roped into calm over roulettes and leveling alts since a sourroundings was right for it. Now Savage is out, people have depressed behind into their aged habits.

What we need is something to brew things up, and pull players who can’t offer what raiding final or usually aren’t there nonetheless to indeed go over what they’ve had to settle with for years. The hardcore village deserved Ultimate. Those not prepared for Savage merit something, too.

In other news: The Patch 4.1 minisite is now live. It’s got sum on a stirring categorical unfolding quests, screenshots of a new cave and info about a 24-man raid due in October. And during prolonged final it confirms in transparent English that a relocating underline will be accessible to people as good as Free Companies, notwithstanding progressing claims that it could usually be a latter. You can check it out here.

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