Columns: Happy 4th Birthday + More Patch 4.1 Previews

Happy 4th Birthday + More Patch 4.1 Previews

FFXIV incited 4 final week — and that means The Rising, a annual jubilee of Eorzea’s rebirth, earnings for another year. This time, you’ll be rescuing a Wandering Minstrel, writer Naoki Yoshida’s in-game change ego, who went blank after a bug-hunting expedition.


To finish it, you’ll need to dauntless a Cheap Dungeon (It’s like a Deep Dungeon). It’s a small tough to describe, though remember those aged Windows obstruction screensavers? It’s a bit like that. Hidden among a corners are dev notes, and successfully completing it will concede we entrance a somewhat some-more fleshed-out chronicle of a Cheap Dungeon from motel rooms.

Like final year, rewards embody Minions and Orchestrion rolls, including a hurl for a Stormblood theme. I’ve always disagreed with locking a pretension thesis Orchestrion hurl behind an eventuality given it seems executive to any collection, though whatever — it’s here, and it’s fundamentally free, so get it while we can.

More 4.1 news

New sum about a subsequent vital calm patch are starting to disseminate on Japanese and Western media. (Thanks to /u/Elevenmile for translating!)

More has been suggested about a stirring Beyond Savage mode. Difficulty wise, it’ll be roughly on standard with Second Coil of Bahamut Savage, with Sudo Kenji (the man who designed Titan) observant it’ll be a hardest quarrel given he assimilated a team. There is no word on what a rewards competence be, though if we remember SCoB savage, you’ll remember that it usually rewarded titles, not gear.

It’s been reliable that this will not be Omega 5, or a delay of that raid series, though something wholly opposite — and it’s designed to be so formidable that many players will be incompetent to get by it. This is to prove a people who consider Savage is too easy, or that odd-numbered rags (which are typically for a rest of a playerbase to locate up) offer zero for a raiding community. You’ll substantially find it too hard, though if we do, that’s fine — this calm substantially isn’t for you.

Lost Allagan (creation tomestone) rigging will be upgradeable with sport rewards in 4.1, creation removing your best-in-slot rigging most easier and charity an ascent trail for those not meddlesome in Savage or who have strike a wall with it. And don’t chuck divided your turn 70 pursuit query rigging nonetheless possibly — a dev organisation is toying with a thought of creation it upgradeable in future, too. Annoyingly, we still can’t put it in an armoire, though a organisation has pronounced they are focusing on overhauling a glorious complement soon. GW2 character wardrobe, please?

The Royal Menagerie will get a extreme-mode diagnosis after it was reliable to be a subsequent large trial. I’m flattering excited, nonetheless I’d peril that all of those who called for a normal mode chronicle to be nerfed are jolt in their boots. Given that it’s entrance in a same patch as Beyond Savage, I’m not certain how tough it will be — though we design it will prerogative i335 weapons so as not to criticise those who have finished O3S and to assistance along those who haven’t yet.

This is on tip of a other things that’s been reliable — such as a new 72man PVP mode and housing in Kugane. So when can we design it? Probably mid-October, or early Nov during a really latest, formed on when a initial patch after Heavensward came out. I’d design it progressing in a year than when 3.1 expelled given there doesn’t seem to be a same outrageous holiday taken by a dev organisation this time, though there’s been no plain denote yet.

Three final notes

Patch 4.06a came out progressing this week. It usually addresses PVP balancing. I’ve created a lot about PVP lately, so we won’t get behind into that, though if you’re interested, you can find a records here. This will be a final patch before 4.1.

Also, there’s a sale on during a Mog Station to applaud a diversion attack a record 10 million purebred accounts. There’s 30 per cent off flattering most all until Sep 26. If you’re a kind of chairman who wagers that they’ll ‘go lala’ if your organisation manages an astonishing kill, now’s a time to batch adult on Fantasia.

Finally, a yearly 14-hour anniversary promote will be hold tomorrow. The full report is online now. You’ll notice that it’ll ring Yoshi-P’s monthly Letter from a Producer, and promises to offer a initial video preview of patch 4.1. It’ll be in Japanese, though design copiousness of preview images and translations a few hours later.

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