Columns: Do Damage Buffs Need a Rework?

Stormblood, FFXIV’s latest expansion, built on many of a game’s core systems — in particular, many jobs and their roles were significantly changed. This feels quite impactful in terms of application buffs; Bard now relates pacifist crit repairs adult to everybody in a party, while Dragoon is even more essential than ever interjection to Dragon Sight. Even Monk — traditionally a many greedy DPS pursuit in a diversion — gained something, with Brotherhood, a earthy clean that feeds energy behind to a caster formed on their vicious hits.


Defensive buffs are prominent, too. But it’s unequivocally descent buffs that have a top impact, and foreordain a raid ‘meta’ — a ‘optimal’ organisation compositions in a eyes of a endgame community. Unlike other games, FFXIV facilities comparatively tiny raid groups of eight, definition everybody has to minister or risk being passed weight. Because a meta is so shabby by buffs, it means greedy jobs that concentration on their possess outlay tend to be wanting in foster of using a parsimonious team.

I wish to speak about this for this week’s post, being spurred on by discussions I’ve had as a Dragoon categorical and posts I’ve seen recently on Reddit and elsewhere. XIV is a diversion that encourages people to have tingling feet and switch from pursuit to job, yet one of a problems with a approach a meta has grown is that it has drastically reduced a range to try new things if we wish to raid.

Let’s mangle down Dragoon’s application abilities. You have Dragon Sight, a clean that boosts your possess repairs and a tethered partner; Battle Litany, that buffs a party’s crit rate; and a trenchant repairs debuff supposing by Disembowel, that increases repairs dealt to a aim by 5%. The others come adult each now and again and are positively good to have, yet trenchant is active 99% of a time as it relates as partial of DRG’s rotation. That means usually carrying a DRG around is a boon, before we cause in actor skill.

Piercing repairs is finished by 4 jobs. That includes DRG, a dual ranged jobs (Bard and Machinist), as good as a repairs finished by Red Mage’s m�lange abilities. If you’re holding a DRG, you’ll maybe wish to cruise holding one of those jobs, too, and clamp versa. This is where it starts to spin an issue: ranged DPS provides outrageous application of their own, quite Bard, in that they can clean their party’s DPS as good as feed a party’s MP. You’ll always wish to take a bard, so you’ll never spin a Dragoon down. In a diversion with eight-man raids — 4 slots of that are taken by tanks and healers — a fact that dual spaces in a raid groups DPS are fundamentally oral for by default is a genuine indicate of contention.

It’s not sustainable, in a prolonged run, for one pursuit to be incompetent to truly gleam yet a support of another job. If we wish to play Machinist, afterwards all things equal I’m going to do worse than another who is interconnected with a Dragoon. we don’t unequivocally know how jobs can be offset in this environment. A nerf to Dragoon mandates changes to a approach ranged works, or else it nerfs them too; a same is loyal for buffs. All a while, jobs that work exclusively kind of languish on a sidelines.

There’s a reason since a DPS meta in a latter stages of Heavensward became NIN/DRG/BRD/MCH: not usually are these jobs clever in their possess right, yet they all filigree together in a approach that a organisation with, say, a same organisation with a Summoner instead of a Dragoon would not. Giving a ability for ranged DPS to request a trenchant debuff themselves is a intensity resolution that would mangle DRG’s position as being positively essential, yet here’s another: Why not usually do divided with specific disadvantage debuffs altogether? 

They’re not a usually problem — for example, a ninja ability Trick Attack provides a whopping 10% repairs clean to a celebration each notation or so, and plays a outrageous partial in a approach people build rotations and use their buffs. It’s arguably a best ability in a game, yet during slightest it advantages everyone. Piercing usually advantages some players and not others, so raid leaders competence as good try and get a many out of it.

It’s cryptic since while following DPS numbers are significantly better, in a immeasurable infancy of cases, pursuit choice will not make a disproportion between a immobile being means to transparent calm or not; writer Naoki Yoshida and his organisation are open about their enterprise to change calm in such a approach that any multiple of jobs will be means to transparent anything. A good organisation of players will get formula flattering many regardless of what they’re personification — there competence be a 1% clean along a way, maybe holding we adult a week during best, yet that’s unequivocally it. If you’re not a universe initial group, what does that unequivocally matter?

Yet still we’re in a universe where using a Bard or Machinist yet a Dragoon is seen as sacrilege, even yet it substantially doesn’t matter outward of tender numbers. Other category combinations are reduction crucial, yet Warrior’s slicing debuff is something no co-tank will ever decline, generally if a organisation doesn’t run a Ninja or Samurai (which also provide, and advantage from, a debuff).

I’d many rather play a diversion where all jobs were able of meshing together in engaging ways, rather than one where a few pivotal synergies pushed everybody else out. Though it’s positively a really absolute tool, Trick Attack could exist in that arrange of game; damage-type buffs simply can’t. True, it’d still take work to move jobs like Samurai and Black Mage into a overlay while Dragon Sight and other buffs exist, yet during a really least, we could underling jobs in and out yet worrying about hamstringing sold members of a organisation some-more than others.

If zero else, compliance a complement or stealing it wholly would offer to diffuse a idea that a immobile with an unusual combination — and to some people, even using a Dark Knight as one of a dual tanks is a misdemeanour — is somehow cursed to fail. It’s not true, and it means there are many people out there who don’t get a event to play jobs they competence suffer a good understanding since groups consider they’ll be hold back. There’s an event forward as SAM and BLM get buffs in subsequent month’s patch — yet there are deeper issues here that meant for a foreseeable future, during slightest dual DPS raid spots will never be giveaway for experimentation.

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