Columns: Checking in with Red Mage and Samurai

When Stormblood came out, the unequivocally initial thing we wrote about was Samurai. New jobs excite me some-more than anything else, and both SAM and Red Mage have altered FFXIV for a better. It’s been about 4 months now, and with 4.1 — a initial vital calm patch — entrance out on Oct 10th, we suspicion now would be a good time to check in with a new additions now a dirt has staid and people have (mostly) figured out how jobs are going to play from here on out.


The good news is that conjunction incited out to be a gimmick job. we always felt uncanny personification a ‘new’ category in an MMO; possibly it was Revenant in Guild Wars 2 or Death Knight in World of Warcraft, being a new man never felt unequivocally healthy to me, and we was always disturbed I’d usually be personification an expansion-themed essence of a month. But Samurai and Red Mage feel like they’ll be a many fast aspects of Stormblood. Just as a Heavensward jobs are as applicable as they’ve ever been, people will be personification both jobs prolonged after Rhalgr’s strech gets mothballed.

Beyond a few hours as a Machinist, I’ve spent a entirety of 4.0 maining Samurai. It was partly encouraged by a fact that it’d give me a uninformed viewpoint to write from, but, as we pronounced during a time, it’s a fun and candid pursuit that’s good for training fights. Given a job’s fundamentals, my feeling in that courtesy hasn’t altered during all, and we doubt it ever will. The pursuit doesn’t make people feel awful when they don’t spike positionals, we don’t need to cavalcade upkeep buffs into flesh memory in sequence to be decent, and all lines adult unequivocally well.

Most calm plays like a dream. Whether it’s consultant dungeons, primals or raids, Samurai frequency feels like it’s not matched to a charge during hand. Couple that with glorious DPS output, and it can unequivocally lift a weight. If you’re in a organisation with some diseased links that competence differently onslaught to strike nettle (as I’m certain we’ve all been in from time to time), a common Samurai can be a good 1,000 DPS forward of their peers though unequivocally trying.


I’ve been in a integrate of pug groups where there was a critical opening between me and a chairman in second place, and we finished as usually nettle started or moments before. we don’t consider we would’ve managed those kills if Samurai didn’t utterly strike so tough (a 30k crit is not that considerable for a SAM), and statistically, it pulls aloft DPS numbers than any other job. But this is also a downfall.

High personal DPS doesn’t indispensably interpret to aloft DPS as a group, and that’s a problem with SAM. It’s a many greedy pursuit in a diversion by utterly some domain — even Black Mage has something in manashift. Now people are starting to settle into a sorts of groups they wish to play in, Samurai is starting to demeanour a small like 3.0 monk, in that it has overwhelming personal DPS, though not adequate application to make them value bringing along.

Of course, organisation combination doesn’t matter during all to infrequent statics and avocation finder, and for calm we can reserve for Samurai is a dream. But removing into a raid group as one is difficult, and it’s not tough to see why. With Samurai, all we move are numbers, and we have to be unequivocally stellar for that to be enough. I’ve seen lots of groups looking for Ninjas and Dragoons — not so most Samurai, and we consider direct will usually get worse as a months go by.

Red Mage is in a opposite — and most improved — position. The pursuit has not usually has glorious DPS though application to boot. Embolden is a plain boost to m�lange DPS, though it’s Verraise, a job’s resurrecting ability, that unequivocally creates a difference.

The pursuit has an inherited ability, Dualcast, that means that each other spell is instant. In layman’s terms, that’s a swiftcast each few seconds. That, joined with being means to revive people in combat, creates Red Mage a one-man nutritious machine. It used to be a box that quarrel resses weren’t that useful since rez illness severely impacted max HP, though with a changes to a complement in Stormblood, all it does is reduce effusive DPS a little.

A lot of raiders who finished Savage in a initial week or so praised RDM for a ability to keep a quarrel going that would have differently finished in a wipe. This is loyal even in infrequent content, where a ability to usually lift a swiftres out of nowhere though blinking is insanely accessible when things suddenly go bad.

It’s a lot easier to play than people expected, too. Using pursuit skills to burst in and out of quarrel isn’t all that formidable (it feels easier than handling a Dragoon’s jumps), and balancing White and Black sorcery bars doesn’t need too most intuition — you’ll do it naturally if we do a revolution correctly.

This is substantially a job’s adhering point: while it’s useful in calm people aren’t gentle with, once you’ve got into a pitch of things and nobody’s failing any more, it becomes sincerely routine.  I’ve listened of a few players anticipating it flattering tedious once they’ve got a quarrel down, as they trust there’s not a outrageous volume of disproportion between a good RDM and a REALLY good RDM when it comes down to it.

For my part, as a Samurai main, we find SAM flattering routine, too. Perhaps SE were disturbed they’d deliver something on a same turn as 3.0 Machinist, that was overwhelmingly difficult and compulsory an pornographic volume of investigate and use to get good at. There’s partial of me that feels like both RDM and SAM go utterly distant in a other instruction and risk feeling a bit too easy., While we wouldn’t wish to see a lapse to a arrange of ability grow and capricious complications introduced in Heavensward, we consider both competence advantage from some-more to consider about.

But still, both jobs move a good understanding to a game’s altogether experience, even when you’re personification alongside them. Red Mage in sold feels like it’s unequivocally found a place in XIV though infringing on possibly of a associate casters. In a prolonged run, Samurai competence be face difficulty if it can’t carve out a place for itself, though it’s tough to see how it can do so though being overpowered; giving it application or some-more repairs would make it honestly obscene, though it feels like it’s blank something as it is. Still, it’s early days — and it’s easy to forget what a pursuit is blank when it’s usually so damn beguiling to play.

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