Columns: A Werewolf in Eorzea

Halloween is here! At least, FFXIV’s substitute festival, All Saints’ Wake, is. As with prior years, it’s some-more trick-or-treat than genuine Friday a 13th. But that’s OK! You’ll be interconnected adult with Soga, an Othardian wolfman who’s trafficked to Gridania following a ransom of Doma.


Having come to a realization he’s a frightful looking fellow, he’s motionless to join a circus. Players, somehow, get enlisted in this process, that involves scaring as many passers-by as probable — with a world’s least-threatening voidsent pulling a strings…

An peculiar byproduct of this eventuality is that Gridania resembles a bushy gathering right now. Players are means a werewolf outfit in sequence to seem scarier and compulsory to write ‘Grr’ or other untamed noises in discuss as they confront people. Embarrassing? Yes. But it’s flattering humorous to see tens of people sanctimonious they’re anime wolves, and we to keep a werewolf dress afterwards.

Worth observant is a lapse of a glorious haunted-take on Haukke Manor from final year. It’s in no approach related to a rewards — or even a query — though completing it will net we tokens for housing items. If we didn’t do it final year, it’s good value checking out. Square Enix hasn’t finished anything like it for a events since, and it’s one of those things that’s value experiencing since it’s so different.

The eventuality ends Nov 1. You can find out some-more during the minisite here.

As a reminder, a Unending Coil of Bahamut (AKA Ultimate or Super Savage) goes live Tuesday Oct 24. It’s value gripping an eye on Twitch when it does; a competition for universe initial is typically one of a many sparkling times to caring about PvE calm in this game.

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