Coconino County Sheriff And Flagstaff Police Now Conducting Fire …

The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office and Flagstaff Police have implemented glow impediment flights over Flagstaff until serve notice. Patrols from an aircraft yield an additional process to assistance locate campfires and potentially bootleg activity. Information from a atmosphere patrols will assistance initial responders on a belligerent fast locate and respond to intensity glow hazards. Air patrols will take place in a dusk and early morning hours and are approaching to final until glow threats are mitigated or glow bans lifted.

3 thoughts on “Coconino County Sheriff And Flagstaff Police Now Conducting Fire Watch Air Patrols Over Flagstaff”

  1. What a good thought eyes in a sky!

  2. Thanks to law coercion for doing this! Too bad it’s required (tax dollars during work to guard other people’s bad choices!).

  3. We all have to be committed in examination for knuckleheads that don’t consider a glow restrictions request to them.

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