CM Tornado 360° Ratchet Lever Hoist meets ASME B30.21 standard.

Innovative ergonomic raise facilities singular Sidewinder™ push hoop for protected and fit use

Columbus McKinnon Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCO), a heading designer, manufacturer and marketer of element doing products, systems and services, has stretched a CM Tornado 360° ratchet push raise product line to embody new 3 and 6 ton ability units. Ergonomically designed for increasing safety, a patent‐pending CM Tornado 360° allows a user to be some-more prolific with significantly reduction bid compared to required ratchet push tools.

“Since a initial launch of a CM Tornado 360° late final year, we have continued to demeanour for ways to make this innovative raise even some-more versatile for a customers,” pronounced Andre Schon, Senior Global Product Manager – Manual Hoist Products. “With a further of 3 and 6 ton units to a initial 3/4 and 1‐1/2 ton offering, we have dull out a product portfolio and given business even some-more options for their lifting, positioning and pulling applications.”

The CM Tornado 360° redefines ratchet push hoists with a singular Sidewinder push handle. The Sidewinder push hoop facilities a 360‐degree rotating push and a fold‐out revolving handle. Working in unison, these integrated components concede a user to comprehend a full intensity of 360° revolution while operative in a protected and ergonomic position. This helps revoke repeated wrist movement gifted with normal push hoists, vouchsafing a user implement a full 360˚ operation of suit to work adult to 12 times faster.

 The CM Tornado is accessible in 3/4, 1‐1/2, 3 and 6 ton capacities with customary rises adult to 20 feet. Additional rises are also available. The raise facilities an industry‐leading lifetime guaranty and meets ASME B30.21 manually operated raise standard.

Outside of a North American market, this raise is accessible to business underneath a Yale code as a Yale Ergo 360°™ ratchet push hoist. To learn some-more about a CM Tornado 360 or any of a products, call Columbus McKinnon Channel Services during 800‐888‐0985 or revisit

About Columbus McKinnon

Columbus McKinnon is a heading worldwide designer, manufacturer and marketer of element doing products, systems and services, that well and ergonomically move, lift, position and secure materials. Key products embody hoists, cranes, actuators, paraphernalia collection and digital energy and suit control systems. The association is focused on blurb and industrial applications that need a reserve and peculiarity supposing by a higher pattern and engineering know‐how.


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Communications Specialist

Columbus McKinnon Corporation


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