Chinese tech hulk Alibaba launches Pokemon Go-type app for ‘catching’ cash

Alipay, China’s many renouned mobile remuneration app, has launched a location-based, augmented-reality app underline that allows players to collect practical red packets containing genuine money.

The thought is formed on a tradition of a Lunar New Year, that kicks off on Jan 28, in that people give any other gifts of red envelopes called ‘hongbao’ containing money.

Chinese smartphone users, who missed out when a Pokemon Go disturb was unleashed on a universe progressing this year due to a supervision anathema on Google services, will now have a possibility to knowledge a disturb of protracted existence – with a reward of benefiting from a probable money windfall.

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Players can hunt a civic landscape for a propitious red packets dark by other players and if they find one, they are rewarded with a money esteem deposited into their Alipay account. The limit compensate out per parcel is 200 yuan ($29), that can be separate among 200 people during most.

The growth builds on a success of prior ‘virtual present giving’ enabled by Alibaba and associate Chinese tech hulk Tencent’s amicable media height WeChat, where users can send any other practical hongbao to symbol a New Year, according to Quartz. Tencent is also set to launch a opposition red parcel diversion in January.

The new diversion underline has even been promoted by Alibaba on a billboard during a Beijing sight station, reportedly causing some passengers to skip their trains as they attempted to locate a red envelopes.

Another underline total to Alipay final month, however, was not but hiccups. The new amicable media pity use was dubbed the ‘booty call’ app after a some users hijacked it to share images of a passionate inlet and offer ‘hook-up services’ in sell for cash.

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The Alibaba group, founded and headed by Chinese business lord Jack Ma, saw a 55 percent increase in revenues for a third entertain of this year – leading a total revenues of Amazon and eBay.

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