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There’s a Chinese mobile diversion called Heroes of Warfare, that takes as most impulse as probable from Blizzard Entertainment’s strike diversion Overwatch. A small too most impulse for Blizzard’s liking.

Blizzard and a Chinese partner NetEase are suing Heroes of Warfare‘s creators, 4399, for infringing on a egghead property, Japanese news site PC Watch reported today. Blizzard claims that 4399’s Heroes of Warfare and another diversion that’s already been close down is too matching to Overwatch, and is job for a take down.

Just take a demeanour by this gameplay video of Heroes of Warfare and you’ll see what Blizzard is removing at:

Many of a playable characters in Heroes of Warfare demeanour and play likewise to a heroes in Overwatch, a maps are scarcely matching to Overwatch maps, and a heads-up arrangement display scores, kills, and health is fundamentally a same as Overwatch‘s.

As is common use for egghead skill transgression lawsuits, Blizzard is seeking for 4399 to stop prolongation of a copycat games, for financial remuneration for damages, and that Heroes of Warfare be private from iOS and Android app stores.

This isn’t a initial time a diversion developer has copied Overwatch‘s aesthetics and gameplay approaches. A opposite Chinese mobile diversion called Hero Mission did a accurate same thing progressing this year. In fact, Hero Mission and Heroes of Warfare are flattering tough to tell apart.

Also, sidenote to all diversion developers ripping off existent games: Try to come adult with better, less-generic names than Heroes of Warfare. What does that even mean?

H/T Kotaku

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