China’s Lost Soul Aside looks like Final Fantasy XV and plays like …

A diversion that plays like Devil May Cry crossed with Final Fantasy XV?

That’s what Chinese indie diversion Lost Soul Aside aspires to be. And we got a hands on it during this year’s ChinaJoy, a country’s biggest gaming convention.

This action-RPG diversion is one of a many sparkling titles to emerge from Sony’s China Hero Project, a array of games that Sony is compelling from Chinese companies for a PlayStation 4.

The game, powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, plays quick and looks intensely flashy, with beautiful molecule effects from each penetrate and slash. The blue haunt shade that trails behind we when we hurl and evasion is also impressive.

The characters, be they protagonist, minions or a bosses, are all crafted beautifully.

But a pivotal here is gameplay, and for a diversion like this fluidity is unequivocally important. Lost Soul Aside didn’t defect here either.

Attacks feel neat and free-flowing, and we can cancel moves during roughly any given point. Although your ability to evasion is eventually singular by your appetite bar, we can sequence evasion moves for utterly a while, that allows we to get around a terrain fast and conveniently switch adult conflict angles.

There are 3 weapons we can select in this demo: a tiny sword, a large sword and a spear. While stalk attacks looked a best to me, we still fought mostly with a large sword, that causes a many damage.

Admittedly, we had only 15 brief mins to play a game, though it felt like there’s a miss of combo moves. Aside from your normal attack, you’re versed with a few special moves: A charging conflict and a elementary ultimate named a Dragon Bite.

About 10 mins in, we can figure out a few simple combos and we remove seductiveness in exploring other combo variations. So maybe there are many some-more combos we can sequence together, though a diversion doesn’t unequivocally make them apparent or entice we to keep exploring.

With that being said, a diversion is intensely impressive… even some-more so when we realize it began as a work of only one man.

Back in 2016, a doctrinaire Final Fantasy XV fan named Yang Bing dumbfounded a universe by releasing a trailer of Lost Soul Aside, that was afterwards a diversion built wholly by himself over a camber of dual years.

The 5-minute trailer scored Yang a US$600,000 investment from Sony, and a strange trailer has given amassed a jaw-dropping 3.4 million views on YouTube. Yang recently pronounced he’s now looking to make a multi-series franchise.

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