Chicago’s ‘Pokémon GO Fest’ Is Almost Certainly Not An Exclusive ‘Legendary Event’


Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago

Sometimes we have to throw what you’re operative on and start over, and usually as we finished documenting an ongoing speculation that Niantic was going to be throwing a Pokémon GO event in downtown Chicago this July, interjection to an elaborate bit of fan sleuthing, they go and announce a thing officially. Here’s how it all went down:

For reasons we can’t explain, someone from The Silph Road managed to find themselves on a permit page of a Chicago Parks District. There, from a dates of Jul 18th by Jul 23rd is a indeterminate reservation simply labeled “Pokémon GO” for Grant Butler Field, along with a descriptor that it’s for a “Festival/Performance” with 12,000+ chairman capacity, substantially a max for a area.

A name is listed alongside this reservation, and some in-depth Googling turns adult a fact that there is a chairman with this same name operative during C3 Presents, an Austin-based eventuality formulation association that has formerly requisitioned among other things, an eventuality for President Obama…in Chicago’s Grant Butler Field. That did not seem like a coincidence. Also, an Ingress weekend eventuality is scheduled in Chicago during this time duration as well, that fans used as serve justification of Niantic’s skeleton for a area.

And then, usually as a route went cold, Niantic went forward and announced a damn thing.

Pokémon GO Fest, as they’re job it, that will be on Jul 22nd, is one of a few live events a association will be throwing in a US and Europe that they report as a place “where Trainers will have a possibility to accommodate associate players and rivet in a accumulation of sparkling activities” that is impossibly non-descriptive. Does that meant Pokemon-themed fair games, or does that meant mass Legendary spawns?

One renouned speculation has been that this is indeed a “Legendary event.” Niantic has undisguised pronounced during this indicate that Legendaries are entrance this summer, and this Jul date coincides will some-more or reduction a anniversary of a one year launch of a game, give or take a integrate weeks.

Paul Tassi

An unaccepted Pokemon GO eventuality we attended in Chicago final July

Fans are holding their assumptions to a turn that we don’t consider is rational, however, as even with acknowledgment of a Fire and Ice event, and a “big change” to a diversion that involves associated gameplay and a disabling of gyms for a brief time in June, Legendaries are not mentioned during all (which we do find rather weird, to be honest). Even if Niantic is throwing an central Pokémon GO eventuality in Chicago, this thought that it’s a “Legendary Event” where specific Legendary Pokémon will parent in this accurate park usually is removing way forward of things, and we can't suppose that’s what’s indeed function here.

Everyone is basing this thought off what we saw in a initial trailer for Pokémon GO, a one that showed a garland of people in Times Square banding together to locate a Mewtwo. The thought is that when Legendaries finally do arrive, they will seem usually like this, in vital locations around a universe that people have to transport to in sequence to find specific spawns. I’ve even listened people observant things like “Well, we competence as good start saving adult now for a moody to Chicago this summer,” in a arise of this rumor.

Guys, ease down.

Here’s a fact: Niantic would be positively violent to extent Legendary spawns to specific vital cities or landmarks. Not usually would that be impossibly exclusionary to 99.999% of their playerbase around a world, though a thought would be flat-out unfit to implement. Even with Niantic’s large GO revenue, we can’t suppose there’s any approach for them to coordinate what, dozens, hundreds of these events in vital locations around a universe this summer? This is a association that usually sent out a press recover that they were integrating Pokémon GO into a few area retard parties in a US this summer. Going from that to rising a ton of outrageous events in vital cities all over a universe that would all need permits and formulation is simply not going to happen. As large as Pokémon GO is, it usually is not logistically possible. While a few of these live events seem to be in a works, there is simply no approach that they will be a only places Legendaries are spawning. Also keep in mind that this is a ticketed event, that will cost money. So locking Legendaries inside Grant Park and charging $20+ for entrance would be a possess kind of impiety opposite a wider playerbase, and we positively do not see that happening.


Pokémon GO

My speculation is that while Legendaries will be specific spawns, they will be introduced with a rumored “Raid” mechanic, and will parent everywhere, not usually in one park in one vital city during one specific week. Absolutely not. If they are designated spawns, they will be activities that all players can attend in though carrying to devise a damn vacation in sequence to secure Legendaries.

As for this Chicago event? Sure, there might really good be Legendaries there. My theory would be that this will finish adult being a promotion for a recover of Legendaries worldwide, not the mark where we must go to find Legendaries.

Sure, Niantic has been a bit exclusionary in a past with a region-exclusive Pokémon that literally do need we to transport worldwide to find them. But in those regions, those Pokémon are plentiful. And even with a Times Square commercial, we simply can't buy a thought that when Niantic brings Legendaries to GO during last, that they’re going to be relegated to a few name locations. Sure, Legendaries might parent in Grant Park during this eventuality in Chicago, though if they’re spawning there, they have to be spawning everywhere in sequence to forestall a large demonstration by a playerbase, who would differently justifiably feel left out.

I live in Chicago, so we will be during Pokémon GO Fest on day one, hour one for whatever a ruin is happening. we design Niantic will spell all this out beforehand, though given that we’re still a month and a half out from this purported event, sum are still rather scarce.

I’m going to keep digging to infer this eventuality even exists in a initial place, though if it does, don’t assume that you’re going to have to fly to a Windy City to secure a Mewtwo or a Legendary Bird. Niantic is not that dumb, and we design they’ll have something designed for everyone, everywhere, even if specific events in specific places do cocktail adult this summer.

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