ChefsFeed has combined Pokemon Go for San Francisco foodies

If we travel adult to your favorite grill in a subsequent month and find a entryway blocked by someone holding a print of a doorway with his or dungeon phone, they might be personification a new Pokemon Go-style scavenger hunt, with giveaway food as a prize.

This week a San Francisco-based ChefsFeed, whose app presents a chef-curated beam to restaurants in 70 cities, is rolling out “VIP Gifts,” a country’s initial protracted existence promotion. Participating restaurants are charity a giveaway plate to people who explain their esteem by holding a print of a ChefsFeed plaque on a business’s window or door.

CEO Rich Maggiotto says that a association has distributed thousands of doorway stickers — with a company’s particular tongue trademark — to restaurants that seem in a guide, identical to a approach Zagat and Michelin have finished for years. But doorway stickers — Caviar, Yelp, some pointless startup contrast out a banking use — have proliferated. “What if these things could indeed do something for a diner, a grill even that third party?” Maggiotto says a association wondered. “How do we take this two-dimensional thing and make it engaging and worthwhile?”

In June, Apple introduced ARKit2, integrated into a new mobile handling complement iOS 12, that allows developers to build on a same kind of protracted existence capabilities that done Pokemon Go a pop-culture materialisation in 2016. “That got a wheels turning,” Maggiotto says. He approached Apple with a thought of holding a print of a ChefsFeed doorway stickers, and Apple helped a association supplement a VIP present hunt into a app.

Starting Dec 5, 30 San Francisco restaurants will give out “gifts” to adult to 99 users of a ChefsFeed app who explain them. The Chronicle did a exam run in a Mission, locating Media Noche and Tacolicious in ChefsFeed’s “Hot Spots” map by looking for tongue icons, afterwards regulating a app to take a print of a plaque on a restaurants’ front doors.

The plaque afterwards appears to give a shade an Irish wolfhound lick and presents a banking to use inside: a giveaway empanada during Medianoche, a tuna tostada during Tacolicious. You can explain a endowment inside during a time we accept it or save it for a destiny visit. Some restaurants need we to squeeze other food before saving a reward, others don’t, and you’re singular to one present per restaurant.

ChefsFeed has not charged participating restaurants to join a promotion, and Maggiotto says another 20 to 70 restaurants will deliver gifts in a entrance weeks. The association will afterwards weigh either to hurl out a present hunt in other cities.

Right now, scavenger hunters can explain as many gifts as they can find — supposing they possess an iPhone with a latest handling complement installed.

Jonathan Kauffman is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. Email: Twitter/Instagram: @jonkauffman.

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