Check Out This Awesome Horizon: Zero Dawn Fan-Made Lego Set

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s universe is huge, lush, and varied, full of engaging creatures and ruins. In other words, an central Horizon Lego set would be amazing. Although Sony and Lego haven’t done this occur yet, one fan took it on himself to make a Horizon stage out of Legos anyways.

Flickr user Marcel V recently posted a print of a Horizon set that he created, and it looks awesome. The turf is formidable and diverse–more so than many central Lego sets, and he done certain that it enclosed even small sum like Aloy’s unconventional crawl and some-more easy outfit. Check it out below.

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Interestingly, Marcel V pronounced that he isn’t even a outrageous fan of a game. “Although I’m not into these kind of games, we always suffer a superb artwork,” he wrote in a image’s caption. “And Horizon: Zero Dawn is only beautiful.”

From his Flickr profile, Marcel V is utterly an achieved Lego builder. You should check out a photos of his other creations–the indication of a Weasley household from Harry Potter is quite striking.

In other Horizon news, a diversion recently perceived a large update that adds a New Game+ mode and an Ultra Hard mode. In addition, developer Guerrilla Games is operative on an enlargement called The Frozen Wilds, that is scheduled for recover someday in 2017.

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