Celebrating One Year Of ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’: How Many Dinosaur Machines Did You Kill?

Aloy looks behind on ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’s initial year.

Horizon Zero Dawn passed it’s initial year anniversary behind on Feb 28th and both Guerrilla Games and PlayStation are stability to celebrate. They have good reason. Horizon Zero Dawn has sole over 7.6 million copies so distant and has won adequate awards to fill a train of Shell Walkers.

Guerrilla Games has put together an infographic about some of a things that happened in Aloy’s universe during a initial year. Did we collect a lot of shards that incited out to be invalid since no self-respecting hunter lerned by Rost would buy from a businessman what she could hunt for herself? You’re not alone. Players collected 194 billion shards that is adequate to give any tellurian on earth (now, not in Aloy’s future) about 26 shards apiece.

How many dinosaur machines did we kill? we nailed 1,446 over dual playthroughs. That’s .00000027% of a 5.32 billion machines killed by a world’s players. If any passed appurtenance was remade into a US entertain silver and a 5.32 billion coins were laid side by side, they’d round a earth during a equator 3 times . . . with adequate left over to widen from Washington DC to Los Angeles and behind . . . with $36.25 left in slot change. Check out a infographic for some-more year-one outline stats.

Playstation assimilated a anniversary celebration with a video adore minute to Horizon Zero Dawn featuring fans, cosplay artists, Aloy’s voice singer Ashley Burch, lead engineer during Naughty Dog Anthony Newman, remarkable diversion developer Hideo Kojima and more. The video addresses many of a things people adore about a game, nonetheless it doesn’t discuss a thoroughly suspicion by a backstory of what happened to a universe as we know it that we suspicion was one of Horizon Zero Dawn’s good strengths.

And that’s not all. Guerrilla done an engaging video about how a game’s musicians invented sounds and combined playable instruments for a hypothetical instruments that were played by NPCs in a game. Guerrilla also put together an avatar container of a game’s characters and a thesis container of fan cinema taken with Horizon Zero Dawn’s Photo Mode. They’re both free.

So, how many machines did we kill?

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