Carentan from Call of Duty 2 could be a reward map in WWII

An picture posted to a WWII subreddit has potentially leaked a mythological Call of Duty map that is returning to a authorization in a arriving game.

This picture suggested some intensity essence of a WWII Pro Edition—which would embody a game, an disdainful steelbook case, a Divisions DLC pack, and a WWII Season Pass.

Screengrab around [WWII subreddit](

Upon closer hearing of a Season Pass, fans will notice that it says Carentan reward map during a bottom. Carentan is a map from Call of Duty 2, that was expelled in 2005—and now this map could be returning to a authorization after so many years.

Carentan has formerly shabby other maps in a Call of Duty franchise. Chinatown from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered is “based off of Carentan,” according to Charlie Intel. Part of Carentan was also featured in Infection, a map in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, according to a Call of Duty wiki.

Although Carentan’s lapse positively hasn’t been confirmed, long-time fans of a Call of Duty franchise will be vehement to once again get their hands on this mythological map—if it’s enclosed as a Season Pass bonus—when WWII is expelled on Nov. 3.

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