Can ‘Sea Of Thieves’ Become The Next ‘No Man’s Sky,’ But In A Good Way?

Sea of ThievesCredit: Rare

The comparisons to No Man’s Sky were transparent even before Sea of Thieves finally expelled in March. It was a diversion built around a tiny series of totally interesting concepts, earnest a honestly new approach of interacting with some simple video diversion mechanics–in this case, transport and multiplayer. It had a tantalizing, tranquil guarantee that many doubted it would be means to indeed realize, during slightest not right away. And when a diversion indeed did drop, it did tiny some-more than endorse what we had all suspected during a beta and before: this was a diversion with some unequivocally glorious ideas and not many else. It now stands during a 69 on Metacritic, nonetheless that series comes from a far-reaching accumulation of scores. Like No Man’s Sky, a diversion has a devotees, though many people can’t unequivocally figure out how to have fun with that.

But if Sea of Thieves was a No Man’s Sky of 2018, it’s probable that it can also be a No Man’s Sky of 2020.

This week, No Man’s Sky expelled No Man’s Sky Next, a vast refurbish that capped off dual years of improvements vast and tiny and rolled them all adult into what amounts to a newish game, and an wholly new diversion for Xbox One players. Next was a biggest punctuation symbol nonetheless in a emancipation story for Hello Games, and utterly for owner Sean Murray. It competence still be a impractical and bizarre experience, though now it’s one that’s many closer to what people hoped to see when a diversion initial rolled around, and many some-more expected to siphon a actor into a prolonged loop of scrutiny and crafting.

Today, Sea of Thieves releases Cursed Sails, a second vital calm refurbish for a diversion and an try to pull a amicable facilities brazen with a new fondness system. And it feels like Sea of Thieves is chasing a same story as No Man’s Sky: a prolonged highway to emancipation shaped by years of giveaway updates and a clinging fanbase, a latter of that Sea of Thieves positively seems to have. There are presumably some-more on a sidelines watchful to see if a diversion can turn something tighten to what we all hoped it would be.

The quip is apropos a informed story in a games-as-service era: Diablo 3, Rainbow Six Siege, Destiny and even Fortnite make for some decent examples. You can make of that what we will: a awaiting of vital games means that developers are some-more gentle than ever releasing games even when there’s still a lot of work to be done, and Sea of Thieves is a primary instance of that. But it used to be that a damaged diversion stayed that way, and during slightest now there’s a possibility during redemption.

The highway for Sea of Thieves looks utterly long: it stays a bizarre pretension not utterly like anything else on a market, and it’s in uncharted domain as to how to proceed. But No Man’s Sky offers some superintendence on a thought that it is during slightest probable to come out on a other side.


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