Call of Duty’s Prop Hunt, One Year Later

It’s been a tiny over a year given Prop Hunt arrived in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered as zero some-more than a silly, April Fools’ Day weekend event. Since then, it’s spin a permanent establishment in 3 opposite games in a series. You competence consider it would be too many of a good thing, yet a mode still binds clever as a fan favorite in 2018.

Prop Hunt lets one organisation costume themselves as pointless props on a map—trash cans, trees, paint buckets—and they contingency mix in with a map’s décor to equivocate being killed by a hostile organisation of hunters. It could be a many absurd diversion of hide-n-seek you’ll ever play online.

Over 50 percent of a Modern Warfare Remastered actor bottom was column sport that initial weekend, and a mode was so well-received that it became a permanent further to a game. Players wanted to be verbatim trash.

It’s easy to see how this dumb mode became a fan favorite in such a rival shooter. I’ve been personification Call of Duty with a same organisation of friends for years, and infrequently we play design modes like Capture a Flag and Search and Destroy a tiny too seriously. We roar callouts, disagree about hidden any other’s kills, and even shush any other when we’re a final actor alive. We’re good friends, yet we get unequivocally rival for a win.


Prop Hunt is a mode we can select to only giggle and unwind. As stupid props, we censor and speak about pointless things as a hostile organisation tries to hunt us down. As a hunters, we still do a callouts and try to win, yet we can’t assistance yet moment adult during a steer of a dumpster or bicycle scooting opposite a map in hopes of avoiding a gunfire. The consistent moments of amusement meant a mode is only so many some-more chill to play. This could simply be a reason many people suffer Prop Hunt—hoping to simply have a few good laughs with friends yet cranking adult a adrenaline too far.

Given Prop Hunt’s lovely vibe, it’s not unequivocally a warn to see a mode combined into other entries of a franchise. Call of Duty: WWII perceived Prop Hunt in late January, and it recently arrived in Black Ops III on May 1 as partial of a Operation Swarm event.

But not all Prop Hunts are combined equal. Prop Hunt feels opposite for any of a 3 titles, and any diversion has a possess special perks.


Modern Warfare Remastered

Classic Prop Hunt. While we praise a after versions of Prop for adding improved features, zero beats a waggish hunt for rabble bags and dumpsters on Modern Warfare Remastered’s maps. There’s only something unequivocally fun about being garbage, and a multiplayer maps of this installment are dirty with all kinds of trash.

The hitboxes on some of a props can be unequivocally frustrating as a hunter—especially that tiny small hookah with a speed and lively of a cheetah—but I’ve never laughed so tough while struggling to get kills in Call of Duty. The strange is still Prop Hunt during a best.


Call of Duty: WWII

The categorical diversion went with a some-more critical and thematically suitable take on war, so a stupid compare of Prop Hunt can be a lovely approach to opposite a dirty and murky ambiance of a multiplayer maps.

Sledgehammer Games also done some intelligent tweaks to a strange formula, adding a minigame to perform a hunters while a props are bustling hiding. Yes, it’s only simply spamming a symbol to lift your PSN ID or Gamertag to a tip of a screen, yet a thing about Call of Duty players is that they can and will spin anything into cutthroat competition.


WWII also rewards players for holding on incomparable hurdles by extenuation presence bonuses if players select to censor as a some-more apparent middle and large-sized props. The additional knowledge points feel gratifying when you’re perplexing to mix in as a hulk tree stump. You can also dump adult to 3 decoys of your column to confuse or fondle with a hunters.

The well-thought-out changes urge a knowledge overall, yet we do find we giggle a tiny reduction with WWII column hunting. The 1940s décor of these maps leave we mostly spawning as a tree, a stump, a record pile, or something else not utterly absurd and tacky adequate to be off-the-charts hilarious. we still have a good time personification this with friends, yet a mode mislaid a tiny bit of a attract in a WWII setting.

Black Ops III

Once Prop Hunt started arrangement adult in other games, we got to wondering how it competence work in a diversion like Black Ops III, that uses modernized movements like sliding, boosting, and wall runs. A integrate of days ago, we got a answer: It (mostly) works.


Treyarch’s iteration continues to urge on a regulation tweaks supposing by WWII Prop Hunt, with are some-more modernized “waiting for a other organisation to hide” minigames that let we fire floating orbs on a map. One chronicle wants we to rush around and destroy a many orbs, while another wants we to follow and understanding a many repairs to unbreakable orbs. This feels like a flattering gratifying approach to kill time while watchful for a props to hide.

There’s also a underline combined to concede hunters to call out to their teammates for assistance. You get dual “Over here!” callout prompts, that will prominence your position and let teammates know we need backup. This is good underline when personification with randoms or if your crony gives terrible callouts like, “hey, there’s a stop pointer relocating over there!”


Some incomparable props have combined ungainly camera angles in a past that done prominence an issue, yet Black Ops III Prop Hunt lets we spin your column invisible for your possess personal view, so we can improved see if an rivalry is approaching.

The fan-favorite Nuketown map even has a possess chronicle of Prop Hunt, disguising all a props as mannequins. The map has a ton of mannequins as partial of a décor, so now players parent as one of a creepy arrangement total with a ability to place 9 decoys of themselves. It’s tough to censor mannequins on this tiny map, so a matches play out flattering quick.


The modernized movements make for a good pace, permitting we to slide, boost, and wall run to an area faster. However, we do have churned feelings about props being means to boost, wall run, and close into place in wily stealing spots. we feel like I’m constantly looking adult to try and mark my opponents. we consider singular boosting would make this a reduction frustrating experience, yet we still have a good time overall.

There’s customarily a satisfactory volume of village hype whenever Prop Hunt is combined to a game, and a mode is customarily a ton of fun no matter that chronicle we play. But maybe there is such a thing as too many of a good thing. As many as we suffer Prop Hunt, we consider it would be improved served as creatively intended—as a special limited-time eventuality that pops adult occasionally.

When it was a special, singular event, Prop Hunt could get 30 to 50 percent of a actor bottom concerned all during once. As a permanent mode, it’s not as popular, even yet we can customarily still find a match. Permanent Prop Hunt is kind of like eating your favorite dessert each day. You can’t get adequate of it in a beginning, yet eventually we spin ill of it and pierce on to something else. we consider a hype and appearance would sojourn solid if Prop Hunt was accessible as a once-a-month or even bi-weekly eventuality instead. And of course, my elite chronicle would still be using around as rabble in Modern Warfare Remastered.

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