Call of Duty Pro Player Profile: JKap

JKap’s mangle into elite-level Call of Duty esports came on Modern Warfare 2, a diversion on that he would be deliberate arguably a best in a world.

In a epoch of Major League Gaming’s Pro Circuit Ladders, that done adult a infancy of a season, JKap played for a already mythological Xtravagant, alongside Raymond ‘Rambo’ Lussier and Will ‘BigTymer’ Johnson.

The patrol had a marginally unsatisfactory finish to a season, usually handling a third-place finish during a MLG National Championships in 2010, an eventuality they’d set their sights on winning. As Modern Warfare 2 wrapped adult they went their apart ways, though by a array of register changes a group would eventually find itself some-more or reduction reformed underneath OpTic Gaming, with Joe ‘MerK’ DeLuca fasten a former Xtravagant trio.

Representing a Green Wall, JKap would assistance take a group to their biggest heights yet, a widespread force via a deteriorate in that JKap himself was named a biggest actor in a world, for a second uninterrupted year in a eyes of many, even eclipsing a excessive talent of his destiny team-mate Seth ‘Scump’ Abner.

Having taken a year divided during a violent Modern Warfare 3 season, JKap returned to foe as partial of Team EnVyUs in Black Ops 2, a organi`ation he would turn in many ways alone related to over a march of his career from afterwards on.


Current Team

JKap played for Team EnVyUs given a second half of Advanced Warfare, creation this army with a group his longest, usually a few months bashful of 3 years. Over that duration he’s been partial of several iterations of a roster, though a latest with Apathy, John and Slasher warranted a standing of 2016 Call of Duty World Champions during a finish of Black Ops 3.

Over a march of a organization’s history, JKap has played a purpose in many of EnVy’s biggest achievements, from their coming in a Black Ops 2 Call of Duty Championship finals, to their ascendance during a finish of Ghosts, to a arise that lead to a Call of Duty Championship pretension during a finish of Black Ops 3.

JKap has prolonged been synonymous with EnVyUs though notwithstanding a second place finish during a 2017 Call of Duty Championship, a register went their apart ways forward of WWII. Several star players had come and left over a years, including JKap himself who split on several occasions, so a lapse down a line would not out of a ordinary.

Wherever he goes, it will be tough to disassociate a actor and a classification in CoD esports. The latest rumours advise a move to Luminosity together with EnVy teammate John.



Greatest Achievement

Very few players are as achieved in Call of Duty as JKap – until a perfection of a many new universe finals, he stood as a many successful actor of all time in terms of prize income earned. He is also usually one of 3 players to have won during slightest dual rings, alongside Crimsix (2) and Karma (3).

Both him and Karma follow a surprisingly identical narrative. JKap’s squads – Denial in Advanced Warfare and EnVyUs in Black Ops 3 – had determined themselves during a tip of a food chain, though still underneath a shade of OpTic Gaming in a minds of many spectators.

Both times, come a many critical eventuality of a year, they matched adult opposite OpTic Gaming in a really initial turn of a play-offs, and both times they pulled off a feat to progress, personification a vital purpose in denying OpTic a championship they many crave. On both occasions they went on to play a warn loser in a grand finals, and both times emerged victorious.




One of a many conspicuous aspects of JKap as a actor is a change his personification character has undergone over a march of his career.

Through Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops, JKap was an particular superstar. Supremely skilled, he dominated with an Assault Rifle in a conform that done him zodiacally hailed as one of if not a best actor in a universe on both titles. At his peak, he strike a turn that usually an well-developed few will ever reach.

Over a years, however, JKap hasn’t remained a biggest in a universe on an particular turn – holding onto such a pretension for so prolonged is coming a impossible, generally as new players come up, foe rises and a games themselves change in sincerely poignant ways.

JKap’s genius, instead, has shown in his ability to adapt. Though he might no longer be able of winning by perfect skill, he’s turn an constituent partial of his teams in other ways. Nowadays, he’s a most some-more understanding player, stepping aside for other stars on his squads and instead stuffing a gaps to concede them to shine.

It’s meant that rather than slipping from a top, incompetent to keep gait in a purpose that’s relies on him holding over games, his position among a chosen is arguably stronger than ever before, and he’s in some ways turn even some-more successful interjection to his eagerness to do whatever is required to win – even if that means a small reduction personal glory.



Public Persona

As a outcome of a many years he’s spent during a top turn of Call of Duty, it’s unavoidable that JKap has turn one of a some-more distinguished total in a game. However, notwithstanding a spotlight he could utterly simply occupy, JKap is generally among a some-more indifferent players in terms of his open demeanour.

That isn’t to contend that JKap is camera-shy; in fact, he recently seemed alongside 3 other veteran players on other games as a member of a illusory esports group in an part of ‘Elementary’, a US-based TV instrumentation of Sherlock Holmes. JKap also streams to scarcely 100,000 supporters on Twitch, and has in a past grown a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers.


Images: Scuf Gaming

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