Call of Duty Pro Fero Called Out For Racist Slurs After Clip Surfaces From 2016

As a immature player, he has done countless mistake pas during his dermatitis season, including regulating a ‘n-word’ as he announced himself a giveaway agent, before to fasten tK. He was quoting a line from a Drake song.

On Jun 5th, a Reddit post uploaded a brief shave from Fero’s live stream, presumably from during a Black Ops III deteriorate (Nov 2015-16).

In it, he becomes murderous after dying, exclaiming that he is never personification with black people again in income 8s and uses a N-word.

“I’m never personification with f****** n****** again dude. we literally am blacklisting black people from income 8s, bro, we don’t give a f***. All they do is flank, it’s so dumb.”

Warning: a following shave contains really clever language.

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