Call of Duty: Black Ops III Introduces Contracts and a New Mercenary

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is always adding new facilities and items, and come Jun 14th, a few some-more new ways to play will be available.

Visiting a Black Market after Jun 14th will concede gamers to entrance new Daily and Weekly contracts. With Contracts, we can acquire Cryptokey rewards for both a daily and weekly variants, as good as extra, singular Mercenary Contracts around completing a Weekly choice (as good as additional goodies like additional job cards to use). These Mercenary Contracts will concede players to activate a newest playable mercenary, Blackjack.

Not usually is Blackjack a really businessman we see any time we revisit a Black Market, he also has a integrate of singular talents. His Rogue talent allows him to entrance a arms of any Specialist he eliminates, while his Gambler talent overclocks his energy systems to activate a pointless Ability from his Specialist rug during a most faster rate.

All of this is lonesome in a mint video:

On tip of all this, Special Contracts are currently available, starting with a giveaway guaranteed Weapon Bribe, and good as 10X Rare Supply Drops for earning 75 wins.

The full Contract complement and Blackjack will be accessible Jun 14th, 2016 on Xbox One.

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