Call of Duty Black Ops III Eclipse (DLC) review: we skip Jeff Goldblum and Heather Graham

Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Eclipse

Score: 7.5/10 
Platform: PlayStation 4 (reviewed), PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activision
Release: April 19, 2016

Call me shoal or credit me of not being a hardcore gamer (you’d substantially be right on that second count), nonetheless Treyarch’s preference to stop a luminary expel after Shadows of Evil – a usually installment of a game’s Zombies mode that came on a Black Ops III front – was a large mistake. It creates Zombies reduction fun.

Black Ops III‘s initial DLC Zombies episode, Der Eisendrache, had good movement nonetheless lacked a comedic seasoning that came with famous actors like Jeff Goldblum and Heather Graham personification psychopathic gunslingers in a Lovecraftian nightmare.

The same can be pronounced about Zetsubou No Shima, a Zombies map enclosed with Eclipse, Black Ops III‘s second DLC pack.

It’s set during a dim and inclement night on an removed atoll home to biological experiments that have resulted in horrific creatures over even a customary zombies, including hulk web-slinging spiders that emanate smooth barriers expected to means of your passing as we spend changed seconds perplexing to condense by them.

The island is smartly designed for Zombies’ super-fast gait of play, with lots of branching paths and shortcuts by a jungle and investigate stations that competence good save your bacon when you’re a final flourishing member of your four-person group confronting down an undead society (or during slightest they will once you’ve played adequate and have grown a mental design of a island’s maze-like layout).

But Zetsubou No Shima lacks a tellurian touch. I’ve tiny regard for a tasteless heroes, and I’m positively not meddlesome in their tale in a demeanour identical to how we was drawn into a gradually maturation trials and tribulations of John Malkovich’s organisation of zombie hunters in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s Zombies mode.


Put plainly, relocating divided from luminary guest actors in Zombies is a step backwards.

And so, for a initial time in utterly a while, we found myself branch to a multiplayer maps for a bulk of my party in a Call of Duty DLC drop. And they’re flattering good, even if they are all some-more or reduction medium-sized maps geared mostly for mid-range play.

Visually, a one that stands out many is Spire. It’s set in a unconventional sub-orbital airport, with tiny plazas, tall, tilted white walls, and some well-placed overload areas. There’s a bit of event for long-range shooters to roost around windows, nonetheless unless you’re personification a mode that army we into their kill zones – like Safeguard, in that we need to strengthen or destroy a solemnly marching drudge – they’re generally easy to equivocate around other paths. we opinion for this map whenever it comes up.



I suffer personification Verge, too. This map imagines a water-starved destiny in that dual factions are battling over a singular source of pristine H2O. Its labyrinthine blueprint includes claustrophobic cavern tunnels, busted architecture, and a executive pool of H2O that facilitates a integrate of shortcuts for players perplexing to fist a bit of secrecy out of what is differently as decidedly non-stealthy experiences. A array of open and tough to urge connection points make Domination matches flattering frenetic, given you’ll have roughly no approach to urge yourself within a control point.

It’s formed off of Banzai, a (now clearly ancient) classical map from Call of Duty: World during War, nonetheless we wouldn’t have been means to tell had it not been advertised.


If we suffer Black Ops III‘s wall-running mechanics, we consider Rift will be your Eclipse map of choice. It takes place in a troops trickery dangling above a caldron-like volcano with high-speed trains zipping along a sides.

It’s flattering prosaic and modular, that you’d consider wouldn’t lend itself to Black Ops III‘s verticality, nonetheless long, rhythmical walls trimming a map yield glorious event for laterally jogs. It seems a favourite among Uplink fans who demeanour for crafty ways to equivocate apparent showing while carrying a satellite worker to a rivalry station.


The final new map, Knockout, is my slightest favourite, nonetheless I’m carrying a tough time operative out why. It’s housed in a Shaolin contest church and is a pleasure to demeanour at, interjection to a alpine locale, pleasing normal Chinese architecture, and occasional nods to modernity like funky, charming disco room. And it has some severe traversal in a form of large gaps with spikes underneath that we can possibly double burst over or do a wall-run to avoid.

However, save for one compare in that we only camped in dark corners and killed everybody who ran by, I’ve nonetheless to find a genuine slit on Knockout. Perhaps we only haven’t played it in and with a right mode.

Happily, Treyarch has done an Eclipse-only map playlist accessible in a Bonus Game run – nonetheless during this early theatre in a DLC’s recover you’ll expected finish adult interconnected with pro players who are spin 300-plus and have a inhumanly quick reflexes of a 12-year-old (probably because, formed on their squeaky voices, many of them are 12 years old).


Even with Zombies proof reduction of a pull than it has been in a integrate of years, a good designed multiplayer maps ought to make Eclipse value a download for authorization fans.

That said, my mind has already begun to spin to what competence be in store when Infinity Ward stairs behind adult to a image this fall. Whatever reward modes they competence have in store, here’s anticipating we see a few informed actors in doubtful roles.

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