Call of Duty: Black Ops III Black Market Update Adds New Weapons

Call of Duty: Black Ops III’s Black Market only got an update, and now comes packaged with new weapons, m�lange weapons, and more.

The Black Market is a place to go for Common and Rare Supply Drops. You can trade Cryptokeys for drops, or squeeze CoD Points regulating genuine universe money. No matter what, if we wish these new weapons, you’re going to have to get Supply Drops. Not even those that forsaken $50 for a Season Pass get involuntary entrance to this content.

First adult we have 3 new weapons; a MX Garand Assault Ride, NX Shadow Claw Crossbow, and a Marshal 18 Shotgun-Pistol. The MX Garand is a complicated take on a classical World War II rifle. It looks vintage, though comes with complicated upgrades. The Shadow Claw Crossbow is silent, though really deadly. Perfect for anyone looking to hide around. Last, though not least, we have a Shotgun-Pistol. This is ideal for those adult tighten encounters and is described as being only ‘like a comfortable hug.’

In terms of m�lange weapons, a new crowbar is ideal for bursting open heads. Of course, there’s also a sword. Yes, we can cut and bones enemies in Call of Duty: Black Ops III with a sword. In addition, 18 new dilettante themes and some-more have been combined as intensity drops.

A Common Supply Drop will set we behind 10 Cryptokeys. Meanwhile, a Rare Supply Drop is going to cost we thirty Cryptokeys. You can entrance these drops from a Black Market in multiplayer.

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